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Egg That Vibrates! Peach By VeDo Builds Muscles

Egg has always been a word you use to describe a delicious breakfast…
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Trends are Always Changing & These are Our Current Favorites!

Trends seem to change in the blink of an eye! Fashion Trends…
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Bub Mini-Vibe by VeDo Is Your New Best Friend + Why!

First of all Bub mini vibe is designed to stimulate the g-spot…
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Coconut Oil Not Just For Cooking Anymore!

Coconut oil has tons of benefits! coconut oil has benefits?…

Shopping for the Holidays Starts NOW!

Shopping is supposed to be fun, stress relieving even! It's meant…
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4 Ways to Cover Your Dreaded Stomach Trouble Spots

Ladies, we all have an area on our bodies that we just are not…
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Swimsuit Season is Here For a Few More Weeks!

Ladies and Gentlemen! Swimsuit season is quickly coming to an…
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Unlock the Secrets of Attraction With Your Natural Pheromones

Let's get back to to the basics of nature today. The natural…
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Add Kegel Training to Your Daily Exercise Routine!

Ladies, there is one exercise you MUST be doing! Especially if…
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Product Review: Flirty 2 Piece Set By Leg Avenue

Leg Avenue 81442: 2 Pc Bra and Panty Set Price: $34.95 Sizing:…