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Egg That Vibrates! Peach By VeDo Builds Muscles

Egg has always been a word you use to describe a delicious breakfast…
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Bub Mini-Vibe by VeDo Is Your New Best Friend + Why!

First of all Bub mini vibe is designed to stimulate the g-spot…
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Coconut Oil Not Just For Cooking Anymore!

Coconut oil has tons of benefits! coconut oil has benefits?…

Dessert For Couples For A Sexy Thanksgiving Dinner

Dessert.I'm sure just reading that word made your mouth water.In…
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Bodystockings + Fall = Wardrobe Success Here's Why

Bodystockings don't usually mean Fall, but let me tell you why…

Shopping for the Holidays Starts NOW!

Shopping is supposed to be fun, stress relieving even! It's meant…
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Turn Your Home Into the Spa Getaway You've Been Dying to Have

You know that spa getaway you have been hoping for and haven't…
Product Review: Love on the Run Massage Candles, Lingerie Superstores, Eye of Love

Product Review: Love On The Run Massage Candles

Eye of Love: Love On The Run Massage CandlesPrice: $9.95Scents:…
Lingerie Superstores, 81442 2 Pc. Flirty Set, Product Review

Product Review: Flirty 2 Piece Set By Leg Avenue

Leg Avenue 81442: 2 Pc Bra and Panty Set Price: $34.95 Sizing:…
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Romance Isn't Dead! A Guide to a Sensual Night In

According to really anyone you talk to now days, because of technology,…