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HEX Condoms The Newest Safest Condom In Years By Lelo

Condoms are a gift from the Heavens up above! I think we can…
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Trends are Always Changing & These are Our Current Favorites!

Trends seem to change in the blink of an eye! Fashion Trends…

Dessert For Couples For A Sexy Thanksgiving Dinner

Dessert.I'm sure just reading that word made your mouth water.In…
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4 Ways to Cover Your Dreaded Stomach Trouble Spots

Ladies, we all have an area on our bodies that we just are not…
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Boudoir Christmas Gifts Make Great, Intimate Gifts For Your Lover

So, I know, Christmas is ages away. You are thinking to yourself,…
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Swimsuit Season is Here For a Few More Weeks!

Ladies and Gentlemen! Swimsuit season is quickly coming to an…
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Add Kegel Training to Your Daily Exercise Routine!

Ladies, there is one exercise you MUST be doing! Especially if…
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Your Lingerie Should Give You Confidence

We wear lingerie for all kinds of reasons. But the lingerie you…
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Wearing Lingerie with Confidence

If you are anything like me, when you look in the mirror all…
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Baby It’s Cold Outside – But Lingerie Makes It Hot in the Bedroom!

Winter storms can chill you to the bone! With so many hot choices…