Staff Product Reviews

We have more than 5,000 products in our store and there’s no better way for our staff to learn about our products..than hands on! So, we decided that this education shouldn’t go to waste–we want to share it with you!

Enjoy these fun and informative product reviews directly to you from our incredible staff!

shaving cream, coochy creme, razor bump free, irritation free, shaving, smooth

Shaving Cream by Coochy Creme For all Your Intimate Parts

Shaving cream has come a long way and we couldn't be more obsessed…
candle,massage, massage oil,earthly body,romantic, happy place,100% natural, edible candle,moisturizer

Candle For Massaging Moisturizing and Mood Setting

Candle is a pretty small word that packs a big punch.Candles,…
condoms,hex,lelo,safe sex, birth control

HEX Condoms The Newest Safest Condom In Years By Lelo

Condoms are a gift from the Heavens up above! I think we can…
egg,vibrator, vedo, adult toys,vibe,pelvic muscle,keegle, vibrating egg

Egg That Vibrates! Peach By VeDo Builds Muscles

Egg has always been a word you use to describe a delicious breakfast…
vedo,bub,vibe,vibrator,adult toy,stimulation,couples toy

Bub Mini-Vibe by VeDo Is Your New Best Friend + Why!

First of all Bub mini vibe is designed to stimulate the g-spot…
mighty tidy, toy cleaners, antibacterial, healthy,adult toys

Toy Cleaners Keeping you Healthy One Toy at a Time

Toy cleaners are AMAZING! It's safe to say that I am a fan. why…
coconu,coconut oil, USDA, organic, lube, lubrication, massage

Coconut Oil Not Just For Cooking Anymore!

Coconut oil has tons of benefits! coconut oil has benefits?…
magnets,obscenitites,adult,gifts,notes,messages,love,romantic,funny magnets,sexual

Magnets That Tell Them How You Really Feel & Then Some

Magnets are meant to keep your grocery list from falling on the…
love pens, pens, goals, notes, dry erase marker, romantic, sweet messages, sweet notes, romantic, new year, goals

Pens That Do More Than Just Write Love Pens Are For Everyone

pens are so boringI know what you're thinking. I get it-…