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Candle For Massaging Moisturizing and Mood Setting

Candle is a pretty small word that packs a big punch.

Candles, for me are a pretty big deal. Unless we’re talking about a little tea light candle I think they make a big difference.

candle = happiness

Okay think about this for a second. After a long, exhausting day what sounds best in the world? If you’re thinking a bath…we’re totally on the same page! What’s the only thing that can make a bath (after a long day) better? A candle! (same page) There’s something about the shadows on the wall created by the flickering of candles.

so many candles!

Ever been to Bath & Body works? The candle section is INSANE! SOOOOO many different scents to chose from, right? Ever wonder why the selection is so big? Ever wonder how the heck do they sell that many candles in that many scents?

let’s break this down

Different scents mean different things to each of us. Certain scents take us back to certain times in our lives. For example a cherry scent may take you back to your days working at a bakery, at a job you hated therefore I do not recommend you buy that cherry flavored candle (obviously). For me that same cherry scent may remind me of summers spent at my grandmas where she’d often bake her famous cherry pie (takes me to a good place) I’ll most likely buy that scent because it relaxes me. Get the idea?

let’s back this up

You may already get the point, but just in case let’s explain further. Smells get routed in our brain through the olfactory bulb, but we’ll just call it the smell analyzing region of your brain. The smell analyzing region of your brain is basically neighbors with the brain regions that handle memory and emotion (the amygdala & hippocampus). They are closely connected. Smells can trigger memories and emotions.

stecandle, massage candle, 3 in 1, 100% natural, edible candle, massage oil, earthly body, massage, soypping it up

See how these little guys pack a major punch? They can take you to your happy place in one light of a wick. Candles took a step up some time ago. They’ve come a long way since the tea light candle. Not only are they scented in amazing flavors, but they even come in a massage version! Game changer! Not only do these scented candles take you to your happy place with their scent, now they’ll get you there with a massage from your sweetheart.

relax and unwind

One candle in particular that we carry is by Earthly Body. It’s made in an adorable heart shaped tin and comes in flavors like strawberry, cherry, watermelon chocolate, peach the list goes on. This baby will run you about 16.95. So this is obviously no ordinary candle. Here’s why… you light it and get the ambiance you expect from a candle to set the mood and they smell amazinggggg! (another mood setter) These candles are flavored AND edible, that’s right, edible! They taste great!  It doesn’t stop there these candles also (as they melt) turn into an amazing massage oil.

more good news

As if that wasn’t enough. There’s more. Since you’re massaging this into your skin unlike most massage candles this stuff is  actually great for your skin! It’s made with 7 natural oils. These oils smooth and penetrate the skin slowly leaving you super moisturized! Earthly Body 3 in 1 candles are 100% natural soy,hemp,avocado and vitamin E oil. That’s it! No secret ingredients or chemicals!

quick how to

So these are awesome, but how do I use them? It’s simple. Just light it up and enjoy the ambiance and aroma while your massage oil melts and when you’re ready to get your massage on just blow it out, wait about 30 seconds and pour it on right out of the tin. Don’t worry it wont burn! The candle will never get above body temperature.candle, 3 in 1, edible, 100% natural, massage oil, earthly body, flavored candle, edible candle

some more info

You may be thinking 16.95 is a lot for a candle…

When you think about JUST a candle that will run you about $10.

A basic massage oil can be another $15.

If we’re talking moisturizer too… that can easily be $15

Where an Earthly Body 3 in 1 candle costs $16.95 vs. $40 for all of the above.

That’s a steal! Get more for your money & get to your happy place like, NOW!!