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HEX Condoms The Newest Safest Condom In Years By Lelo

Condoms are a gift from the Heavens up above! I think we can all agree on that! Not only are they one of your best bets for birth control, but they protect you from so many different STDs. How can you NOT be a fan of these little lifesavers? Actually, I mean that literally… they can save your life.

so many condoms!

I’m sure you’re well aware there are tonssss of different styles, shapes and flavors out there! I’m an in no way saying anything bad about that! Thank you lord for the strawberry flavored condom and the for her condoms with all of those amazing, stimulating ridges. Clearly, I can’t leave out the couples condoms that love on both partners equally. They’ve come a long way.

so many ccondoms,hex,lelo,safe sex, birth controlhanges!

The condom has gone over plenty of make overs over the last 70 years and I’m NOT complaining! The structure of the condom has actually stayed the same. Aside from flavor, outside texture and lubrication there haven’t really been other changes to ole faithful.

the secrets out

Condoms break. You heard it here first. It just happens. Ok so this is no big secret, but condoms don’t have to break. Here’s the big change we’ve been waiting 70 years for.

what’s the problem?

People HAVE been trying to improve the condom & change the material of condoms (latex). Except the problem wasn’t in the latex. The problem is in the structure of the condom. Lelo caught on to this and started researching the structure. After 7 years of research Hex condoms was created.

tell me more!

Lelo wanted to address the major problems with condoms. Lelo found that discomfort,slippage and breakage were among the top 3. They made HEX so that it flexes and molds (discomfort).  Lelo created a Hexagon shaped web raised on the inside of the condom to provide texture & keep everything on track (slippage) Lelo created a new structure that combines thinness & strength in a hexagon pattern making it almost impossible to break (breakage).


In a video on Lelos website they placed a regular condom over a small glass and poked it with a toothpick. The regular condom broke apart instantly. They place a HEX condom over a small glass and poked it with a toothpick & it didn’t break, they poked it again and again and again. You get the idea here. You can watch it here. It’s pretty awesome.

break it down for me…

Basically what Lelo did was created a hexagonal web pattern on the inside of the condom. This is no regular design, it has a purpose. It’s a unique hexagonal web created throughout the latex that is highly sensitive and truly flexible. It’s designed to minimize slippage and maximize sensitivity. Hex molds to the uniqueness of the wearer and is thin so body warmth transmits between partners.

sex should be worry free

With 350 interconnected hexagons per condom, HEX is a stronger condom that is not torn easily. Instead of worrying during sexy time… relax and enjoy the moment. Trust your condom. $9.95 for a 3pack is a small price to pay for assurance.condoms,hex,lelo,safe sex, birth control


You know that gross rubbery smell you get with condoms? (gross) Not happening HERE! HEX is gross rubbery smell free! (score!)

One more super bonus! HEX is a secret weapon for the ladies! Carry HEX with you for the man that says “I hate condoms, it doesn’t feel as good” Now you can introduce him to HEX… no more excuses! 😉

Condoms have officially been redesigned! Wear yours confidently and trust your condom!