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Egg That Vibrates! Peach By VeDo Builds Muscles

Egg has always been a word you use to describe a delicious breakfast item.

Not anymore.

an egg is more than food

Let me be the first to introduce you to a non edible egg. It’s actually not food at all. VeDo has made yet another amazing toy just for you! It’s called Peach and it’s a vibrating egg. Peach is available in pink and purple.

what’s so great about it?

So this toy is unlike a lot of other toys already because it is rechargeable. So unlike real eggs this is going to last you a pretty long time. Another huge plus… it comes with a remote. Yes, you read that correctly! With 10 vibration modes you’re able to switch settings with a click of a button (so handy!)

anything else?

The peach delivers a very discreet and gratifying experience. While you’re enjoying these amazing sensations the egg is also toning those pelvic muscles! Yes, you have muscles down there and just like any other muscles it’s time to build and tone!

build & tone?

That’s right. Because you have pelvic muscles you want them to be strong. Some women have a lot of trouble having an orgasm, they need to build their muscles. Just want more control of your orgasm? Time to build some muscle. Had children? Yup. Time to build that muscle.

will it get stuck?

Of course not. This toy comes with a string on the end for easy removal.

anything else?

In addition, this egg is splash proof, made out of medical grade silicone (nice!) and is super velvety soft!

This egg is def. on the quiet side and runs for one hour between charges. So because this is a quiet egg it makes it a discreet toy too! Use this toy without anyone else knowing. Furthermore, $52.95 is a small price to pay for all these pelvic muscle goodness!


In conclusion, eggs are not just for breakfast anymore! So with any toy if it ever feels uncomfortable or hurts, remove it immediately and always use a water based lube on silicone toys like this one. If this egg sounds like the perfect match come in and see us here at Lingerie Superstore, we’ll be glad to assist you.