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Trends are Always Changing & These are Our Current Favorites!

Trends seem to change in the blink of an eye!

Fashtrends,fashion,lingerie,high waist,strappy,bralette,lace,lingerie,trend,fashion trend,sexy, lace up,lace braletteion Trends = love

Keeping up with trends and staying on top of all of them is exhausting.

I tend to select a few that I truly love and run with that.

If you try and rock to many you can end up mixing trends in the wrong way and ending up looking like a hot mess. Keep it simple, keep it trendy.

Choker trend

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve seen chokers,chokers,chokers everywhere! These were a big deal in the 90’s! Much like a lot of other things from the 90’s-they’re back! Velvet chokers, leather chokers,plastic chokers…you get the idea.

high waist anything

So I know you’ve also seen high waist jeans,skirts,shorts etc. High Waist is everywhere and we’re no exception here at Lingerie Superstore! High waist fashion doesn’t stop at your clothing! Lingerie companies have gone high waist crazy & it’s been a hit!! It’s slimming and easy to hide problem areas! (amaze!!)trends,high waist,bralette,lace,sexy,lingerie,fashion trends,style,stylish


bralettes are my favorite!

I don’t know what it is about bralettes, maybe it’s that they tend to be slinky which means sexier! They don’t give much support, but my oh my are they fun! You’ll find most bralettes are lacy or made in some kind of amazing color! You just can’t help, but fall in love with bralettes. Maybe it’s that they’re sexy AND actually wearable in the real world (not just in the bedroom) making them an all time fave & super trend!

straps for dayssss

In addition to bralettes you’ve noticed is straps on straps on straps! If it’s strappy it’s most likely adorable and sexy all at the same time! Strappy styles have been HUGE in dresses, shirts, purses…anything! But what’s sexier than straps and lingerie? It’s a perfect match made in lingerie heaven!

trends are trends,choker,fashion trends,lingerie,lace,jewelry,trendytough

There’s no denying it’s hard to keep up with all these trends! Don’t you worry, that’s what we’re here for. We make sure we have current fashion trends available to you each and everyday.

In conclusion, don’t over think it and don’t over do it!