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C-Rings What are Those Things? Why do I Want One?


First of all, I have to admit at first I avoided talking about them at all costs.

So Many Questions!

Most of all I just felt like…

What are these things?

Who’s using these?

What the heck are they even for?

Is this a fetish thing?

It was only a matter of time until I didn’t want to wonder anymore. I did my homework…thoroughly.

Where Do C-Rings Go?

C-rings can be worn around the base of the penis, around the penis and the scrotum OR around just the scrotum. How do you know which way you’ll like best? I’m no expert, but I’m gonna say… try it out and pick a winner!

What’s It Made Out Of?

You can find rings made out of many things like leather, rubber or metal, but most commonly are made out of silicone.

So What Do They Do?

C-rings slow down blood flow (trapping blood inside the penis) which allows a man to maintain an erection for a much longer period of time. Sounds a little harsh? It’s totally normal and these c-rings can be a mans best friend- a womans too, but we’ll get to that. These rings have even been known to be used by men with erectile dysfunction.

Sounds Like It’s For Men…c-rings, adult toy, vibe, bullet, shag factory, double decker, couples toy


C-rings aren’t for the sole purpose of trapping blood flow- women enjoy them too. These rings have come quite a long way. They’re not just basic flat silicone rings anymore.

So the blood will get trapped & he’ll last longer which totally benefits you BUT there’s more! There are SO MANY different kinds of rings now– some look crazy and maybe a little scary, but they are all made with a purpose in mind.

It’s All About You

Most rings on the market now have “her” in mind. Many designs are made with the clitoris, vulva or even booty in mind. Don’t worry it’s not really ALL about you a lot of these designs have scrotum stimulation keeping “him” in mind too.

Quick Warning!

Remember this is supposed to be a good time if you ever experience pain/discomfort or any cold feelings take the ring off. It really shouldn’t ever feel anything other than good.

Now that that’s out of the way let’s get to the good stuff.

Let’s Break It Down

While these rings can be soooo fun and a really great experience, they can be a little tricky to explain- so stay with me here. Here are some customer faves we have available in store.

Here we go.

No Basic Rings Here

Day Tripper $6.95 – This is your first step up from a basic c-ring. It has a little motor- keeping “her” in mind.

Ring A Ding $9.95 – Did someone say double ring? AND double motor? I’m pretty sure this means double the pleasure, and double the fun!

Go glow ring $16.95 – Seems like it’s on the pricey side? BUT IT GLOWS!!! This one is always a hit and has a pretty sweet motor.

Big Ben $18.95 – Seems like the prices are going up? It’s okay since the fun is going up too. This ring includes a bullet vibrator which can be removed and used on it’s own. This ring also has 3 speeds and is waterproof.

Swing Ring $19.95 – This baby has 9 speeds, it is waterproof and lasts a full 60 minutes. Swing Ring has been a fave for quite some time and is well worth the $.

Double Decker $22.95 – This ring includes TWO vibrating bullets which you can remove and use alone. Also this ring is waterproof and lasts a full 90 minutes (wowzah!)

Furthermore all of these rings have super powerful motors, they use replaceable batteries (score!) and each one has it’s very own area(s) with a special design of enhanced stimulating ticklers on it to make it a night you will both remember!

c-rings, vibes, toys, adult toys, sex toys, shag factory, double deckerLet’s Recap

What are these things? (AWESOME) Who’s using these? (I AM!!) What the heck are they even for? (ME… they’re for ME) Is this a fetish thing? (it’s an everyone thing!)

oh yeah and also be safe & remove it if it doesn’t feel good!