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Toy Cleaners Keeping you Healthy One Toy at a Time

Toy cleaners are AMAZING! It’s safe to say that I am a fan.

why should I?

Let’s start with the obvious. We both know you’re thinking it…

“toy cleaners are just a way for stores to make me spend more”

or how about….

“why would I buy that when I can just use regular soap?”

I’ve even heard…

“You don’t even really need to clean it”

That’s exactly what you’re thinking?! (I’m basically psychic)

Either way I’m sure there’s some kind of skepticism involved somewhere in there.

toy cleaners, healthy, adult toys, sensuva,clean, spraylet’s get some facts straight

Toy cleaners have YOU in mind, YOUR body and YOUR convenience! They aren’t made just to make you spend more money. You do really need to clean it! To say otherwise is just straight up insane. You can’t use any regular soap-not true, but you can use a mild soap. Yes, you got me there. A mild soap is safe to use on many toys, but I’m still a huge fan of toy cleaners and I will spend the extra $7-$10 bucks.

That’s crazy you say?

-no. It’s incredibly crazy NOT to!

time to relax

I don’t know about you, but after I’ve had a mind blowing…


yeah we’ll call it that, the very LAST thing I want to do is get up, go to the kitchen and boil a pot of water to boil my toy in (yes, people do this). The toy getting up and walking to the kitchen and boiling itself is just way more likely! I just had an “adventure”… I am going to relax, people!!

did you just say dishwasher?

Toy cleaners are heaven sent for people like me they are also good for the toys you can’t just throw in the dishwasher because they’ll get ruined (you didn’t know? yeah, people really do this too haha)

So when you’re not ready to boil a pot of water and you’re certainly not about to start a load of dishes, toy cleaners are your very best friends.

toy cleaners, wipes, healthy, clean, adult toysto spray or not to spray

Spray some toy cleaner and wipe it down. If you’ve been hiding under a rock (like me) you just found out about toy cleaner WIPES! (so in love).

Talk about convenience! It’s like the rag and the cleaner made a baby and named it After Glow wipes.

After your adventure just wipe it down. Done.

the serious stuff

There are some things you HAVE to know about when & why you should be thoroughly cleaning your toys! Toys should be cleaned after EVERY SINGLE USE. This is NOT negotiable. EVERY USE! I don’t know about you, but I’d rather avoid infections, UTIs and a whole boat load of other health risks.

no toy cleaners, no problem

If you find yourself out of toy cleaner and in serious need definitely don’t hesitate and reach for that mild soap, but when it comes to your regular choice for toy cleaning go with something that was specifically designed with your body and toy in mind.

made with you in mind

Toy cleaners are specifically designed to reduce germs/bacteria in the genital area and are gentle on your skin.

Can you use mild soap and hot water? Yes.

Are toy cleaners better? I believe they are, but we can debate that all day.

Are toy cleaner WIPES the most convenient thing ever made?

Do they cut out all the hassle?

Will you be boiling less water?

Less loads of dishes?


In conclusion, toy cleaners are so worth the $7 bucks- it’s official.