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Coconut Oil Not Just For Cooking Anymore!

Coconut oil has tons of benefits!

coconut oil has benefits? yes!  let’s go over some of them…

-to replace butter or oil when cooking

-add to smoothies for added energy

-use on skin after injury,sunburn or infection, contains beneficial fats that help heal quickly

-to rid cellulite

-use as lotion, deodorant, eye make up remover, shave cream, after shave lotion, tanning oil, diaper cream etc

-to treat acne

and the list in no way stops there, these are just SOME of the MANY uses for coconut oil. For more coco oil uses visit here.

So with all these amazing uses it’s no surprise that coco oil is also great for your skin too! It was only a matter of time until someone realized it was time to make this amazing magic oil into a lube!

Voila! Coconu is born! coconu, oil based, coconut oil, USDA, organic, massage, lubrication, natural

Coconu is a USDA organic lubricant, it is 100% edible, cruelty free AND can be used as a massage oil! Yes organic is a big deal, unless you’re cool with chemicals being absorbed in your most private of parts? No thanks.

Coconu oil based formula has been said by satisfied customers to be:

silky, long lasting, never runny, sticky or goopy and it feels a lot like natural lubrication.

The oil based formula is NOT compatible with latex or most toys because of the oil BUT on the upside if you’re someone that is sensitive to just about everything this may be your new go-to. Love to get it on in the shower? yup, this is the one for you. A little of this stuff goes a long way, so you’re getting your moneys worth here.

Some more good news….

Coconu is the ONLY USDA organic lube on the market. Don’t be fooled when you see the word “natural” slapped onto packages. With no real legal definition of what “natural” means that word can be slapped on just about anything, this goes for food too. Always look for that USDA organic seal (for the good stuff) especially if it’s going on your skin! Organic means no pesticides, no petroleum or harmful chemicals (sounds good to me).

what’s that? meno…what?

Yeah that’s right I said it…. menopause. Because coconut oil in it’s pure form contains natural antibacterial healing properties, Coconu oil reduces dryness and has been recommended by doctors for women going through menopause to ease dryness symptoms.

coconu, coconut oil, oil based, massage, lube, lubrication, menopause, dryness, sensitive, naturalbang for your buck

So when you think of the cost for a basic lube you’re probably thinking somewhere around 10 bucks? You would be right! That’s totally available! As with anything in life you usually get what you pay for. Now if you’re in a place where you can spend a few extra bucks on something that will last you 2-3x longer I’d take a look at Coconu oil based lube and see if it’s for you.

Don’t forget it’s USDA organic (if that’s important to you, you were gonna spend more than $10 anyway). This product can be used as an amazing massage oil (double whammy), very good for your skin-super moisturizing, great for dryness/menopause (if that applies), a great product for sensitive people, silky, but don’t forget you can’t use it with latex! At $26.95 it’s a little bit more than your average lube, but will last you much longer and for something going on such an important part of your body let’s keep the quality level high.