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Magnets That Tell Them How You Really Feel & Then Some

Magnets are meant to keep your grocery list from falling on the ground and they also hold the pictures of your cousins kids, the pictures where their eyes are half closed and it’s totally clear just how much they hate picture day.

souvenir magnets anyone?

It’s a pretty big job they have, and we can’t forget about the magnet you get from your sister when she gets back from Hawaii. I mean did she really look at it and think “my sister is going to freak out over this magnet!!” -not likely. Magnets tend to be a last minute “I don’t want her to think I forgot about her” gift.

hey wait! they’re important

Don’t get me wrong I truly appreciate them and the job they do… I’m just saying… there are better ones out there. So next time you find yourself reaching for that last minute gift  I want you to know…. we’re onto you.

Instead reach for something different!

magnetic poetry kit

The people at Magnetic Poetrymagnets,obsenities,love,adult,adult magnets,fun,romantic,note,notes,fridge,funny,clever, gifts Kit knew that spicing up of magnets needed to happen and in different ways.

Check out Sexual Innuendo, Obscenities and Love depending on the kind of message you want to send, but I say… MIX them up!

so many kits so little time

In the Love Kit you’ll find words like music, under, where, listen, always and please so you can create a super sweet message for your lover.

In Obscenities it will sound a little more like this…. holy, fu**, sh**, ing, great, a**hole – I think you get the idea…

Sexual Innuendo is more like, explore, inspect, adjust, johnson, equipment. I found this one to be the most hilarious as it also has words like muffin, banana, cantelope and so much more!

magnets for the holidays

These are the magnets that keep on giving. They will definitely be the most used and appreciated magnets you’ve ever had. This will make for a great ( funny) gift and at $9.95 – $12.95  you def. wont be breaking the bank. magnets,fridge,notes,adult,funny,obscenities,sexual innuendo,love, romantic, adults, gifts

In fact, the only thing you’ll be breaking is the silence.