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Pens That Do More Than Just Write Love Pens Are For Everyone

pens are so boring

I know what you’re thinking. I get it- they’re boring, but let me explain…

Lingerie Superstores, New Year's, Resolutions,penshappy new year!

The new year is right around the corner and so are all those awesome new resolutions you’ve set for yourself. If you’re anything like the rest of us… January you’re FULL FORCE with those resolutions. You are literally beast like and showing those resolutions exactly WHO is BOSS! February….you’re still killin it, but maybe not as pumped as January. I get it, you’re tired!  Let’s be honest here….by March you’re fading out quick, that’s IF you haven’t given up already and justified why you really don’t need to stick to those resolutions anyway.

don’t give up

Why do you think we give up so fast on these resolutions? Because we all do it. Are we just lazy? Is it lack of motivation and encouragement? I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford to pay someone to stay on me about my resolutions! So no matter how small those resolutions are they’re important or you wouldn’t have set them. We want to be better and we may even know how to get there, but clearly it’s not easy.

support yourself

Stop and ask yourself who is the best person to stay on me? Who is my support system? boyfriend?….best friend?…mom?…. WRONG!

It’s you! You are your best support system! No one else.

love pens, pens, goals, notes, dry erase marker, romantic, sweet messages, sweet notes, romantic, new year, goalssweet love pens

Back to these mysterious pens… When I first saw these pens I thought “I can’t wait to cover the mirror in hearts and leave little sweet messages for Paul!” The thought of him walking into the bathroom and seeing sweet messages from me first thing in the morning would put a smile on his face (so worth the $5.95).

it’s all about you

As I sat down to review them I started to think of the resolutions I made for myself and I remembered how I am my support system. So I decided to use these love pens to write myself notes and quotes to encourage me (on my mirror) to keep on keepin on in 2017. In the morning I’ll walk in to a note from myself to myself to remind me what my goal is and how I’m going to improve myself in 2017 anddddd occasionally I’ll write a note for my sweetie so he doesn’t get too jealous. Check out this Forbes article explaining that people who write down their goals achieve a heck of a lot more!

love pens for the win

Yes it’s true you can write notes with just about any dry erase marker, but keep in mind these are made specifically for writing on mirrors and glass. The ink is non-toxic (huge plus), the color is consistent as well as bold and wipes off easily with a paper towel (no elbow grease necessary).

*cheers* to 2017

You’re going to need lots of tools to keep those 2017 resolutions going, this is just one (great) idea! 2017 is going to be your year, keep yourself on track, encourage yourself and communicate the goal(s) to yourself often! Be the best support system, the one you’ve always wanted!