Dessert For Couples For A Sexy Thanksgiving Dinner


I’m sure just reading that word made your mouth water.

In case it didn’t….there’s a chance it will after you read this.

dessert is a serious business

Thanksgiving is a very special holiday. For many (myself included) this is a very exciting day! If you’ve ever been guilty of literally licking your plate clean in public and been on the receiving end of various disgusted/horrified looks sent your way you may be just as excited about Thanksgiving as I am! No judgement (especially here) on Thanksgiving! You’re pretty much expected to over indulge. Eating until you’re absolutely uncomfortable is almost a requirement on this day, so eat on my friends, because on Thanksgiving we are ALL proud plate lickers!

let’s get back to basics

So when someone mentions Thanksgiving some things come to mind aside from serious hunger pains I start to imagine all my loved ones together, engaging in conversation, drinking some type of holiday punch exchanging stories and laughs. At the end of the day this is what it’s all about, but don’t forget the food! Oh, and dessert, you can’t forget dessert!

Thanksgiving MUSTS

When we are reminded of thanksgiving, let’s not forget about the FOOD and all of the time,work and prep that goes into it! (thanks mom!)  Thanksgiving would NOT be the same if we didn’t have the MUST HAVE foods on our plates, it just wouldn’t be right. Typically we’re eating some turkey, ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, mac & cheese, maybe some cranberry sauce, some veggies have been made and clearly there will be stuffing, so so much stuffing. Now THIS is what it’s also about! But wait…there’s more….

I can’t eat another bite…

Just when you thought you couldn’t eat one more bite… it isn’t physically possible to have one more bite… I mean your breathing has slowed down… your eyes are heavy, they feel like bricks…. out comes aunt Jen with THE biggest pecan pie you’ve ever laid eyes on.

it’s like magic

All of a sudden… before you know it…you’ve already justified the pie slice with… “well it is Thanksgiving” You know you’re going to have the pie, it’s already cut and on the plate and has your name on it. This is totally normal and if it happened any other way I’d have some pretty serious worries. It’s Thanksgiving… we’re ALL plate lickers on this day remember?! We ALWAYS seem to find more room for dessert, but why? Because dessert if the MAIN event even more so than the turkey! Dessert is the grand finale!

so much more than pie

Make this Thanksgiving one to remember. Just like the main MUST have foods covering your plate this Thanksgiving there are MUST have pieces to cover yourself in while in the bedroom, yeah I said the bedroom….we were talking about dessert right?

the MUST have MUST haves

A sexy mesh & lace chemise,  sexy little garterbelts and fishnet thigh highs are also main MUST haves. They might not be on your plate, but they should definitely be in your closet. Fight your heavy as brick eyes and make the most of the night with your pumpkin before reality hits and you have to go back to work again. Before you find yourself reaching for a second helping of pie, reach for something else instead. There are plenty of ways to feed your sweet tooth and this is where we come in…

dessert,flavor,flavored,lube,lubes,lubricants,adult,lubrication,sidekicks to the main attraction

What would Batman be without Robin? Sidekicks are pretty important in making things happen! So if lingerie is the MUST have I’m going to go ahead and say that some pretty delicious flavored lube is the amazing sidekick in this scenario.

dessert continued

Instead of reaching for that second piece of pie, let’s feed that sweet tooth this Thanksgiving with amazing flavored lube that is sure to satisfy both you and your sweetheart. The opportunities are endless here, the main thing to take away is that dessert doesn’t have to end at the pecan pie…keep it going and reach for one of many flavors like cinnabun, caramel apple, vanilla, citrus burst or cherry. That’s just some of what we currently have in stock.

Just a few more thing to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.

Options & sidekicks.