Stressed? Proven Ways To Relax & De-stress

Stressed is a little word that can do a lot of damage. Like most of you, I have an annual trip that I take. It’s usually in the summer time and I take one week off to leave my worries behind. I travel far away from my every day life and sit back and relax while sipping a delicious coconut mojito and watch the sunset.  I don’t know about you, but for me one week of getting away out of 52 weeks a year just doesn’t seem legal.

stressed is an understatement

For everything we go through during the year, the ups and downs, the good times and bad, one week from reality really just isn’t enough. Now I’m not telling you to quit your job and go on a permanent vacation, but I am saying even though we cant get away as often as we’d like we CAN try to get a hold of the things making us want to get away.

get your life back

I can’t remember the last time I felt as free from stress than when I was a child. Free of complications and free from the real life every day struggles that seem to have become so familiar to me as an adult. Obviously we can’t go on vacation every week or even every month, it’s just not realistic. What is realistic is choosing to control what we can control. Making the choice to wind down, calm down and relax.

so many choicescoloring book,adult coloring book,de-stress,relax,relaxation,relaxing,stressed

I’m sure you’ve heard of different ways to relax, but one of the trendiest new ways you may have heard of is coloring for adults. This is a very huge, very new trend that I was not only skeptical about, but I found it pretty laughable at first. Once I started seeing them in bookstores everywhere I realized there may be more to it.

why should I color?

So let’s get to the good stuff. WHY? I mean you’re a grown up and your coloring days are well beyond over right? Well, turns out they may just be starting up again and for good reason. A grown up means responsibilities which can mean stress, lots of it. Studies have shown coloring lowers the activity in the amygdala which controls emotion affected by stress.

self proclaimed artist

Coloring has major de-stressing powers. When you’re coloring you are stimulating the brain related to motor skills. Not only does it physically have ways of calming an oh, so stressed you, but it’s your chance to tap into your artistic side and get those creative juices flowing! Your mood can actually affect which color you reach for while you channel your inner Picasso.

beat stress in your own way

So maybe costressed,stress,calm,calming,relax,relaxation,adult,books,color,coloring,sexyloring books don’t sound the very best to you… I get it, but I will say don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it. If after you try it and it’s really just not for you my point still remains. Conquer stress your own way even if it’s not through coloring. It’s all about making time to switch your focus. Switch your focus from worries to doing something totally relaxing, calming and absolutely non stressful. If you can make it a routine you may not feel like you NEED all those other vacations you’re already not getting.

pick one up today, Monet

Currently we have adult coloring books at Lingerie Superstores ranging from 10.95 to 12.95. There are so many ways to beat stress and it’s not just one thing you do once. It takes practice making time for yourself each and every day, but I’m confident you can make yourself a priority and say goodbye to an overly stressed you.