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Bodystockings + Fall = Wardrobe Success Here’s Why

Bodystockings don’t usually mean Fall, but let me tell you why they really should.

For most of the world Fall weather starts earlier than it does for us here in Arizona. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t know when Fall actually starts. Starbucks and other places do a good job of letting us know that Fall is here when we start seeing pumpkin spice everything and I do mean everything. Once you start to see pumpkin spice lattes, scones, doughnuts and even pumpkin spice spa packages I think it’s clear it’s Fall!

Fall is just the beginning

I absolutely LOVE this time of year! Thanksgiving is right around the corner followed by Christmas followed by New Years eve followed by Valentines day! What is there to complain about!? The weather is changing, the flavors (pumpkin spice) are changing, SALES are changing! Let’s take a moment… just take a sip of your pumpkin spice… whatever and appreciate that this time of year is amazinggggg!

even more fall change

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So aside from your coffee flavor changing, your wardrobe is changing too. Fall is when you do a final mirror check and ask yourself “does this scarf go with these boots?” as you silently smile to yourself because it’s FINALLY BOOT WEATHER! You have happily taken out your long sleeves and the light jackets you never get to wear! And maybe at this point you’ve done your usual Fall hair color and your nails are Fall appropriate! You are officially ready for Fall! (you thought)

not quite there yet

So I give you serious props, you’ve got an amazing start on everything Fall (insert applause here) you may love Fall as much as I do. In addition to your coffee, wardrobe and store sales changing other things change as well.

it’s not just about me?

Products that retail stores carry change too. While you’re in line getting your pumpkin spice latte… we’re over here filling the store up with popular Fall items just for you. So you’re probably asking “Lingerie has season changes too?” Absolutely.

tell me more

If you’ve picked a bedroom piece that you LOVE in Spring, it most likely is bright, maybe some kind of pastel color…. to wear that during Christmas time probably doesn’t make too much sense. You want to capture the season with what you wear just like you do with those super cute boots & scarves.

what’s in stock?

When Fall is near we tend to fill the store with Fall appropriate colors just like you do with your wardrobe. For us Fall means robes, bodystockings, pantyhose, boot socks, longer dresses and did I mention bodystockings? (so worth the double mention)

what’s a bodystocking?

What’s this thing you keep yapping about? Bodystockings are basically a sexy lingerie piece that can also (many times) be used as every day wear under clothes or worn alone for sexy bedroom wear. Bodystockings are usually, but not always made out of the same material as hosiery. Imagine if your pantyhose just kept going up into a whole sexy one piece body suit. It’s way sexier than I may have just made it sound!

fall,lingerie,bodystockings,sexy,hosiery,bodystocking,wearable,pantyhose,thigh highs,winter,style,fishnet,lacehow do I wear bodystockings  out?

The great thing about these bodystockings is they have coverage on the bottom as well as the top. Though some are more revealing than others many times you can wear them with a skirt or shorts and show off the sexy top portion of your bodystocking.

layering is a fall must

Especially here in Arizona you never know exactly what the weather is going to be one second to the next. Layering is always the smart way to go and layering with a bodystocking comes in pretty handy during Fall. Bodystockings aren’t just for the bedroom anymore, they’ve become key pieces to include in your Fall wardrobe!

don’t forget

When you’re checking Fall related items off your list, don’t forget to add new MUST have bodystockings to your list! Currently we have a buy 2 get 1 FREE on all hosiery and boxed items (yes, this includes bodystockings) all to get you totally prepared for Fall. Come and check out the full selection in store and feel free to tell us just how right we were and that bodystockings are a MUST in your Fall wardrobe!