Party Favors: It’s All About The Details!

It seems like every time I put all my time and energy into the big stuff, it’s always the little things that make the party a success! I’ve come to realize that it’s the little things that are the secret weapon to a successful bash!

party expectations vs. reality

Not to long ago my expectations for special occasions were incredibly high, like through the roof high! The more I thought about my special day the higher the expectations got! Over time my way of thinking changed dramatically. It became more of a “whoever shows, shows” kind of attitude and “as long as we have a good time, that’s what matters”.

less is more

Celebrations became more about quality vs. quantity. Less about how many people and more about who’s there! I can say the same when it comes to the ambiance at your party! Don’t go straight for the balloons and streamers (leave that to the kiddos). If you see something that you think is great and you’d love to have at your party chances are so would the birthday girl!

forget the cake

The great thing about throwing a party is you get to think outside the box. Changing it up will actually make your party even better! Don’t do the same old thing. For example, instead of a cake…make cupcakes! Clearly you can’t just put out a pan of cupcakes and expect it to be magical. Jazz them up! Here’s a chance to add some fabulous memorable detail!

aparty,cupcake,muscles,birthday,bridal,bachelorette,celebrate,partyfavors,cake,naughty,cupcakes,toppers,sexy,cutell about the details

For example, Add these adorable cupcake toppers for any birthday party or even bridal shower. This is what I mean about the small details! I know after all the fun has been had and the next day they’re going back and forth about all the crazy moments, those little toppers are likely to come up and be mentioned! They’re not streamers, they’re not balloons, they’re different and adorable. Small details like these are what will make your party a success.

cake topper heaven

These specific cake toppers by Little Genie are around 10 bucks (at Lingerie Superstore) and come with 24 toppers and also include 24 cupcake cups. They come in Hot Bod (pictured), Naughty, Bridal and many more. Customize your cupcakes!

Let’s recap

If you want a party that people will look back on and smile you should probably change it up. Don’t be basic and don’t do the usual. It’s all about the details people, I can’t say this enough! Don’t get tons of decorations, be selective on the few you do get. In conclusion, it’s more about the quality than the quantity.