Shopping for the Holidays Starts NOW!

Shopping is supposed to be fun, stress relieving even! It’s meant to be something shoppers really look forward to and enjoy, because I rarely have time to shop I really  need it to be a wonderful experience when I do get to go shopping.

Getting the okayshopping,advice,lingerie,weekend,shopper,buy,sale,fashion,shopping spree

I used to love going with friends and I’d never purchase anything without getting the official okay from my friends! Switching over into my 30s I find myself looking SO forward to my solo  trips and when Jane, the sales girl gives her advice, I’m quick to think “I already know what I like”.  Because I appreciate the customer service I don’t get annoyed, but my shopping habits have seriously changed. I no longer seek/need the official okay to make a purchase.

Other shopping habits

In addition to my new found  habits, there’s something else. Are you familiar with the “last minute shopper?” Oh, you’ve heard of her? She’s quite frantic and always in a rush, a bit overwhelmed and tends to make decisions without thinking them through. Yeah, I used to know her really well and we’re old pals.

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So that old “pal”- I had to get rid of her. She was what I like to call a ruin-er. She was taking the fun out of my shopping experience (can’t have that). Last minute shoppers come out in FULL around the busy holiday season which is RIGHT around the corner! Let me give you some season changing advice… START YOUR HOLIDAY SHOPPING NOW!!

Keep the spirit alive

Just because holiday time is right around the corner it doesn’t mean trips to the store have to be miserable, well not yet anyway! NOW is the best time to shop and avoid panicked shoppers crawling over each other and pushing each other out of the way! Your time is valuable and there’s tons to do so don’t waste 2 hours in line waiting to pay.

Save some money

Usually early bird shoppers work out best for everyone! Stores agree and a lot of times offer early bird SALES to spread out the busy season. I don’t know about you, but I don’t seem to find HUGE sales just days before Christmas, if anything items are marked UP since they know you’ll pay!   Stores try their best to encourage early holiday shopping and that means more money in your purse (or wallet).

There’s still time

Shopping for the holidays can be FUN! There really is still time. So next time that pesky little voice tells you, “there’s plenty of time, don’t worry” just remember if you want to save the most money and have a relaxed shopping experience… start now. Get organized, get those lists started, put some thought into your gifts. Your friends and family will appreciate and it and so do retail stores! 😉