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Diamonds Are Your New BFF!

Diamonds are a girls best friend! You’ve heard this before…

So let me tell you a little about YOUR new BFF …

She’s SUPER glamorous, she basically shines and eyes can’t help, but gravitate towards her! Diamonds, toy, sexy, bijoux,indiscrets,twenty,one,gold,BFF,lingerie,fun,girls,best,friend

She’s worth her weight in GOLD and will always be there for you when you need her!

She never asks questions and she’s the last person to ever judge you.

Let’s meet your new BFF!

She sounds great right? However let me be the first to warn you, your new BFF WILL steal the spotlight! She is what you would call a show stopper! I think I’ve painted the picture… let’s meet your new BFF!

Let me introduce you to Twenty One by Bijoux Indiscrets.

This gorgeous diamond will take your breath away! Let’s take a closer look at what this beauty has to offer! Because your BFF understands that orgasms help with stress & anxiety and allows you to sleep easier and more deeply she comes with 3 vibration levels and 7 vibration modes!

More good diamond news…

Your BFF is totally waterproof and rechargeable! Using this diamond vibe will strengthen your pelvic muscles leading to even better orgasms! Apply different amounts of pressure for different sensations. This is literally the whole package! With your amazing vibrating diamond you get the gift box shown (for proper eye candy), a USB charger and a little sexy silk bag to store your BFF safely.

diamonds,toy,vibrator,lingerie,sexy,gold,twenty,one,bijoux,indiscrets,best,friend,bff,diamond,toysMore than just looks…

This diamond is SEXY! What diamond isn’t? But this vibe is so much more than just it’s shape. I’m going to go ahead and say they put some thought into this design. Bijoux Indiscrets claims this to be one of the most powerful (and silent) vibes on the market, it was also founded and designed by females who know a thing or two about diamonds. When the diamond is charged you’ll have 1 full hour of amazing vibration.  So it’s a diamond shape (which is AMAZING!) but it’s designed that way for other reasons too.

Why a diamond shape?

So I’m sure you’ve noticed the flat surface on the sides of the diamond… these flat sides are to stimulate the small labia and clitoris all at the same time then there’s the top of the diamond, well this part is designed to stimulate the labia, vulva and other erogenous zones. Then you have the pointy part of the diamond (don’t be afraid it’s rounded) this is to stimulate the clitoris with precision OR to stimulate the outer part of the vagina. What does that all mean? They really thought it through and it wasn’t only meant to be cute, but pleasurable as well!


Bijoux Indiscrets $59.95

How do I get it?

We currently have this amazing diamond in stock, in store.

This vibe (like you) has looks AND power!

At $59.95 it may not be priced like real diamonds (you’re welcome)

but it will definitely be your new BFF!