Lingerie And So Much More

What’s that you asked? Where do I work? I answer with Lingerie Superstore and the response is always interesting. Sitting back I begin to see their imagination run wild. I tend to explain this store (that I love) as….more exciting than Victorias Secret, but not as crazy as Fascinations because I see this store as somewhere in between. This store stole my heart many moons ago.  So I may be biased here, but it’s just the perfect store to me and it’s sooooo much more than people think!

Let’s get some facts straight

Are we a lingerie store? ABSOLUTELY! And do we carry lingerie? TONS! This is our specialty! With a store name like ours people tend to think that’s it, that’s all we have! Well they couldn’t be more wrong! I’ve got nothing bad to say about amazing bedroom pieces! I’m just saying we’re even more than that!

We have lingerie and so much more! Like what you might ask? Let’s start here…


These boots are made for walkin’shoes,boots,fall,velvet,bootie,heelsshoes,gladiator,strappy,boots,knee,high

For starters, did you know we had a very large selection of boots? We’re talking heel booties for fall (yay), knee length boots, gogo boots and don’t forget about thigh high boots like these (everyone must own at least one pair) . You had no clue? It gets even better…

Lingerie and so much more includes…

If you’re not a regular you probably don’t know that we have wigs! Lots of them! Now if you’re on the hunt for a cheap, really shiny, tangles easily, cheap wig, this is not the place. So when it comes to the wigs we carry, we’re picky! We carry the closest to real hair at an affordable price! We don’t carry the cheap costume wigs and we don’t carry real hair either. And our wigs only cost about 50 bucks. Treat them well and they’ll last a long time. From natural colors to crazy neon color wigs, we’ve got them all! So next time when you’re channeling your inner Cher, Madonna or Jessica Rabbit we’ll be here and ready to assist.

PLUS this…

So if you don’t already know, we pride ourselves in having the best selection of plus size lingerie and hosiery around! Because we’re not all made one size and curves are oh so in! Everyone loves lingerie and that includes plus size! So next time you’re in the market for new lingerie, bras, underwear, corsets or hosiery keep us in mind because we’ve got you covered no matter what size you are.

mens,lingerie,boxer,briefs,tuxedo,underwearDid you say lingerie for men?mens,lingerie,brief,mesh,underwear

Yeah that’s right! Ok well maybe it’s not actually called lingerie for men, but why not? We like to keep the items that are meant to spice it up on hand. Items that wont be found at your regular old department store! If you want to spice it up or change it up and you’re looking for something different, something that is more without being too much these are the items for men we love to carry. Sure, we carry briefs,boxer briefs and even thongs (yeah you read that right), but they need to catch the eye! We like our mens section to be fun, different and exciting. So if you didn’t know, now you do!

Put a ring on it…

In addition to that…we have tons of BLING!! Top to bottom bling on hand and while we definitely keep the basics and classics on hand, we remember to switch it up & make it fun! (it’s kind of our thing). Rhinestones are our friends! By classics and basics I mean rings, bracelets, necklaces, chokers, anklets and earrings. Now bring on the fun and different! Sure they’re still necklaces and chokers, but they can get pretty interesting. Some of our chokers have chains that attach to your wrists and some even have a leash (!?!?!?) Rhinestone thongs (check!) rhinestones bras (check!) 7 row rhinestone chokers, yeah we’ve got that too and they’re beautiful and shiny! If you’re really experimenting we also carry full rhinestone body chains! Don’t worry we have plenty of jewelry to go around!

Lash power!

Next time you need to stock up on eyelashes, don’t forget about your good, good friends over at LSS. We keep plenty of different lash styles on hand. Have a favorite style? Let us know, we’ll get it in for you! Glue? yeah, we’ve got that too! Don’t know how to put lashes on? That’s ok, we’ll show you! Our lashes rock & you should know!

Lingerie and so much more

So you’ve finally gotten to the end of this and your mind is so blown! You had no idea? That’s great news! (glad I could help) We are so much more than our name and we bring so much more to the table than just the best lingerie! Also, we keep an amazing selection of shoes, hosiery, plus sizes, mens, costumes, dance wear, jewelry, bras, underwear, lounge wear, oils, lotions, lubes, toys, bathing suits and of course our very first love…..lingerie.