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Perfect Costumes What You Must Know

If you’re anything like me, you take a long time picking out the perfect costume, a long, LONG time. I mean a very long tbuzzed2ime (ok, ok you get it) and that’s IFFF you don’t give up and settle. Don’t give up. You CAN find The Perfect Costume!

What is the perfect costume?

The perfect amount of Sexy (without the standing on a street corner vibe)

The perfect amount of comfortable (without wearing a muumuu)

The I’m out to have fun & hang with my friends butttt I’m not NOT looking vibe.

Let’s be honest your costume says a lot and you can send your message as LOUD AND CLEAR as you wish no judgment here, do your thang girlfriend. The perfect costume does exist.

Cool, now how do I find it?

So I’m not saying the put together, good to go with all the pieces costumes stink, but I’m just saying they’re not for EVERYONE. I’m saying that “One Size” is not always One Size and a “M/L” is not always, actually a Medium/Large. This is where trying costumes on becomes a MUST. For me, when the all in one costumes actually fit the universe has aligned correctly & my day is made! Because a lot of places don’t usually let you take the costumes out of the bag and try them on I don’t usually go the in the bag costume route. (trying on IS allowed and encouraged at Lingerie Superstore 😉  Let’s recap…. trying on = A MUST! If it doesn’t fit right, you wont feel right. Let’s send the right message on Halloween (I’m sexy & I know it!)

Don’t settle, let’s get creative!

Just because Leg Avenue says this is a pirate wench (though it’s AMAZING) it may not be exactly what you had pictured in your head. Don’t lingerie superstores, halloween costumelet go of your vision, listen to your artistic side and let’s piece your costume together!

Corsets are uhhhhhhhmazing! ESPECIALLY for Halloween! You can start ANY costume with a corset. Just like a tutu, a corset is a Halloween costume staple.

Like anything it needs to fit right, have one of our girls assist you and get you in the RIGHT corset in the RIGHT size. Without the right fit, you wont look your best and if you don’t look your best, the confidence goes right out the window. Without the confidence what’s the point?

Don’t settle for something you don’t love (that’s some real deal life advice right there, but let’s get back to costumes)

Now let’s talk bottoms

Once you have a perfect fitting corset (thank you Lingerie Superstore) consider this a blank canvas because you can go anywhere from here! I’m assuming you’ve picked a color that you like, maybe you picked black because it’s slimming or you’re channeling your inner goth girl- whatever the reason, black it is! The most popular bottoms are tutus, ruffle butt shorts, ruffle skirts, leggings and basic black shorts.

So the most important thing this Halloween really isn’t WHAT you’re going to be, but HOW it’s going to fit. Once you have your corset working for you, accentuating all your curves and your bottoms that you can still comfortably move around in all night THEN move on to what you’re going to be.

The final step to costume successmouse-kit-blog

Because we’ve been in the business a while, because we know that building a costume is a MUST for many we make sure to keep kits on hand throughout the whole year, but especially during Halloween. Finally, it’s time to add a kit.

Add your favorite kit to your SEXY corset & COMFY bottoms for THE PERFECT COSTUME this year. Any kit will do just pick your favorite. Once you have your perfect fitting corset and comfy bottoms your costume is sure to be a success, it’s all about the FIT!! Building your costume is a sure way to have an original costume! I mean really, who likes to share the sexy spotlight?lingerie superstores, halloween costume

So many kits, so little time!

Cheers! and most of all

Happy Halloween!