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4 Ways to Cover Your Dreaded Stomach Trouble Spots

Ladies, we all have an area on our bodies that we just are not happy with. It happens to everyone. Lately, I have been hearing more and more complaints about women’s stomachs. After having a baby it is harder to get that toned stomach you used to have so you want to hide it. Or maybe you put on a few pounds. Whatever your reason for wanting to hide it, just remember, your significant other loves you for you and doesn’t care that your stomach isn’t perfect.

There are many ways to tone your stomach and get it looking the way you want it but the results will take time. So you may choose to cover it anyway and that is okay.

Women are at their most vulnerable during intimacy, she is opening herself up to her partner. A lot of women are self conscious of their bodies during sex and will want to cover up because of it. There are some ways to cover your stomach so you will still look sexy in your sexiest lingerie.

1. Waist Cinchers Cover Your Stomach the Best

The most concealing thing to get is a waist cincher. They start right below your chest or at your bottom rib and extend down to right above your buttocks. The neat thing about waist cinchers is that they can be tied as tightly or as loose as you want, so you are sure to be comfortable. Waist cinchers usually have some kind of boning to help keep your stomach concealed. Some waist cinchers come with removable garter strap so you can add a pair of sexy thigh high stockings. Add a sexy matching bra and panty combo and you will have a look that he is going to love. And you will be totally comfortable with the way your tummy looks.

2. High Waist Panties are a Fun Way to Cover Your Stomach

For something a little different, especially for women who have recently had children or have c-section scar that makes them self conscious, a high waist panty is a great option. Sometimes you can find some that are crotchless, otherwise you can keep your stomach covered by moving the fabric to the side during your fun night.

3. High high-waist-1, lingerie superstores, cover your stomachWaist Garterbelts are a Sexy Way to Cover Your Stomach

High Waist Garterbelts are a sexy look for every woman. Attach a sexy pair of thigh high stockings and maybe a cute panty–or not, and you will high-waist-2, lingerie superstores, stomach coverlook stunning. These are a better choice then the High Waist Panties because they don’t have the restrictions that panties do. High Waist Garterbelts start at the hips and can extend anywhere from below your belly button all they way to your under your chest.

4. Stomach Concealing Teddies81406-Front-WO, lingerie superstores, stomach cover

Teddies are another sexy choice, especially if you don’t want the hassle of adding extra accessories. Many teddies are crotchless, string thong or have a snap in the crotch that allow for easy access to your most intimate parts. Teddies come in every cut and style you could imagine. So there is something to suit everyone’s personal style.

Your Stomach is Beautiful No Matter What

Just remember, no matter what you think, your stomach is just as beautiful as the rest of your body. You will have days when nothing you try seems to work to hide your flaws the way you would like it to. Your partner loves you for you and not your body. If you choose to cover your stomach, pick something that you are comfortable in and makes you look amazing in your eyes. Wear everything with confidence, knowing you are beautiful and the rest of the world will see your true beauty.