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Build Your Costume with Your Favorite Corset and Accessories

Halloween is just around the corner! If you don’t feel like doing the same old tired, ready made costumes, why not build your own? You can be anything you want with a few basic pieces from our store. Add your favorite accessories to a stunning corset and you will have a one of a kind, unique costume.

A corset is a favorite way to start an outfit. You can find a cute one in every color, size and style to suit your needs. Using a corset or bustier is an easy way to start a costume and you can wear it year round in the bedroom or out as a top.

Cute Mouse Corset Costume

mouse-kit-blog, lingerie superstores, halloween costumecorset-blog, lingerie superstores, halloween costume Start with this basic corset in any color. I would use pink because it is unique and attention grabbing and also my favorite color. Add a cute mini skirt, a tutu or a pair of comfy hot shorts for the bottom. Pick what you will be most comfortable in, keep in mind any activities you have planned for the evening. Then either pick up this mouse costume accessory kit in store from us, or use this pattern to create your own adorable mouse ears and tail.

Dark Angel Corset Costume

lingerie superstores, halloween costumeThis dark angel costume idea, is an incredibly easy, beautiful costume. You can chooselingerie superstores, halloween costume either a black or a white wing kit and corset to match. Personally I would pair this corset and angel wing costume with a glittery, flowing skirt to have a more ethereal look. Pair with a sexy pair of boots and you have a rebel, dark angel.

Sexy Pirate Corset Costume

In our stpirate-costumeore, we dress up for the week leading up to Halloween. For whatever reason, we started an annual Pirate Day a few years back and it is everyone’s favorite day. Some of our girls buy their costumes ready made, and some of the more artistic ones build their own amazing pirate costume. If you’ve ever looked at the ready made pirate costumes, they all have 3 colors in common, black, white and red. Which is why I always build my own because there are other colors in the “pirate color palette”. Since waist cinchers and corsets are a huge part of a female pirate costume, this one is an easy build.pirate costume, lingerie superstores

I like to start with this basic black waist cincher and wear a colored tank top underneath. I like to choose something different like blue or green to make me stand out from the rest. Then either pair some black leggings or a fun skirt to match. Accessorize with one of our many kits, or choose your own accessories like scarves or gaudy jewelry, whatever you want. Add an amazing pair of knee high boots, and voila! the best pirate costume ever!

You can use any corset and accessory kit to create an amazing, unique look for Halloween. Use your imagination and always add your own personalized touches to any Halloween costume. We carry an extensive collection of both corsets and accessories both in store and online. Stop in to the store, and anyone working would love to help you create a unique look for an awesome night. If you are going to create your own costume, you need to start shopping early. We need time in case we have to order a special corset or accessory kit to get it in before Halloween!