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Boudoir Christmas Gifts Make Great, Intimate Gifts For Your Lover

So, I know, Christmas is ages away. You are thinking to yourself, “This girl is crazy talking about Christmas. It isn’t even Halloween yet.” I know. But I’m not crazy. Boudoir and “dudoir” photo gifts are all the rage right now. I am talking about it now, so early in the year because these things take time. You need to start now because you have to find a photographer, a venue, and a few outfits. And then there is the picture selection and printing and framing. It takes time.

For those of you not in the know. Boudoir photos are sexy pictures you have taken and printed for your significant other. These photos are classy and beautiful. Dudoir photos are a new craze where men are having a masculine version of boudoir photography done for their ladies.

Boudoir Photographer

Finding a photographer to take intimate pictures of you looking amazing is actually a little bit harder than running to JCPenney’s for some pictures. You want to make sure you find a reputable photographer who makes discretion a priority. Don’t just call the first person who pops up when you google “Boudoir Photographer.” You run the chance of getting someone who is in it for sleazy purposes. Always ask your friends or your local lingerie store employees for recommendations. Meet with the photographer first. Trust your gut instinct, if they make you feel uncomfortable in any way, you aren’t going to be able to let them take intimate photographs of you. Your pictures will feel forced and it won’t be an amazing beautiful experience like it should be.

Boudoir Photo Venue

Unless you have a specific place in mind, a true boudoir photographer will either have a studio or they will have a few places where they love to shoot boudoir photos. Be it a lavish hotel or a private art studio. Some people will choose to do their photos in their homes or their favorite hotels. I have even seen a few beautiful ones done outdoors at places like rustic barns or a flowery field.

Finding Your Boudoir Look

Usually photographers will give you a general outline of things you should shop for. Photographers tend to recommend between 3 and 5 outfits. If you want more, get more, if you want less, get less. Its your choice, but you will have more photos and looks to choose from if you follow the recommendations. They will also recommend certain colors and styles. They make these recommendations based off your looks and what the background colors are going to be.

81349-Rear-WOWhen shopping for your boudoir outfits, always bring a friend or your “lingerie champion“. They will be the voice of reason. Ask the sales people what they recommend for boudoir photos. Everyone will be happy to help you find the best looks to make your photos amazing.

A lot of women like to pose in a corset because it is slimming. And really, how often do you get to wear a corset? Flowy babydolls are a good boudoir look because they can be used to conceal problem areas. If you have something you don’t like on your body, use your outfit or some jewelry to pull your eye away from the problem area. You will feel more confident and love the results!

Make sure you get accessories and panties to match every outfit. A piece of jewelry or a fun accessory can set off any photo and take it to a whole new level.

Don’t forget the minor details, like your hair and nails. Get your nails done or at least, trim them so they are even and clean off any old nail polish. Fingers and toes! If you dye your hair, check your roots. Do you need a touch up?

The Days Leading Up to Your Photos

Make sure you get lots of rest and avoid doing anything that will bruise or maim you in any way. Take care of the final details like hair and nails. Get the things you forgot you needed or were waiting to get.

When you are doing your photos, you will be nearly naked in front of the photographer. They will do their best to make you comfortable. If you relax and enjoy your self, it will be an amazing and unique experience.