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Turn Your Home Into the Spa Getaway You’ve Been Dying to Have

You know that spa getaway you have been hoping for and haven’t gotten yet? Stop waiting. Make your own spa weekend at home, get your partner involved and make it a romantic stay-cation. Or give your partner the boot and make it a girl’s only spa weekend! Either way you are going to have fun and feel totally relaxed at the end of it.

Set Up Your In Home Spa

Okay ladies (or men setting it up for your love), the first you must do is if you have kids, send them off to grandma’s for the weekend. Next, you will want a relaxing atmosphere so clean your house up so you won’t be stressed out by any mess when you walk around.

Now, it’s time to hit the store and get all of the supplies. What do you need for a spa weekend? First, an aromatherapy spa candle and incense set. You can find these at any local department store or candle store or online. I love this set that has the rocks that you heat up too. But you have to order it online so, get it in advance.

Next on the list, massage oil. We carry an extensive collection of massage oils both in-store and We have aromatherapy oils and oils that are directed towards any mood you want. Relaxation, Sensual, Energizing. Decide what mood you are going for and pick the scent that is best for you. Use the massage oils to massage your partner and have him massage you. You can use the heated rocks to gently massage your partners back. Use the massage oil to make the hot stones glide across the skin for the ultimate relaxing massage.

Bubble baths aren’t for everyone but I do recommend a bubble bath once a week to release the toxins and stress from your bodspa-bathy. And what better time to take one then during your relaxing spa weekend? These stress relieving bath “recipes” actually work and feel amazing afterwards! I have tried all of them and the only thing I change is I add my favorite bubble bath that we carry in store to it for lush, foamy bubbles. You can also get bath bombs which are a fun way to relax in the tub. Some bath bombs have aromatherapy properties. And then some are for some kinky fun after like these, that come with 3 different sexual position cards.

The Spa Extras if You Want a Girl’s Weekend

Sometimes, spa days are best with your girlfriends. Mix up your own face masks, slice up some cucumbers for your eyes and have a drink. Having your girlfriends with you means you can do hot oil hair treatments, at home manicures and pedicures, and all of the weird skin treatments you want with out being judged. I love getting together with my girlfriends and painting each others nails and treating each others hair like we did in high school!

Homemade skin treatment masks are actually quite easy to make, just make sure you follow the recipes exactly. Weird things happen when you don’t mix them correctly. This site has all kinds of do it yourself masks and scrubs and skin treatments that you can make at home with your girlfriends for an in home spa weekend of pampering. Just make sure to buy all of the ingredients for the various recipes ahead of time and have plenty of wine on hand. No one wants to have to stop the fun to run to the store.

Kick Off Your Spa Weekend

Turn on some mellow music, light your aromatherapy spa candles and incense and let the weekend take you away from your worries. Keep the lights low all weekend. Indulge in a stress relieving bath. Get the massage you have been needing and wanting.  Sleep as long as you want. Then on day 2 focus on your skin, make a mask that will make your skin, brighter and clearer. Have a friend or your partner paint your toes and finger nails.

By the end of the weekend you should feel relaxed and worry free for way less money than going to a resort or hotel spa for the weekend. Plus you can continue using all of these massage oils, bubble bath recipes and skin treatment recipes long after the spa weekend has ended!