Swimsuit Season is Here For a Few More Weeks!

swimsuit-2Ladies and Gentlemen! Swimsuit season is quickly coming to an end! But, that doesn’t mean you don’t need a new swimsuit for the end of the summer and Labor Day parties.

Pick The Right Swimsuit For You

Finding the right swimsuit for you is all a matter of what you are comfortable with. First and foremost, who cares what other people think. Wear what makes you happy. That goes for you plus size ladies too, if you want to wear a bikini, do it. Since we are talking about a swimsuit for a party, we are going to cover the more stylish ones.


Bikinis are the most favored swimsuit for women (and for the men checking them out). A bikini is a two piece top and bottom that really just covers the essentials. You can choose to wear a high waisted bikini bottom if you have some trouble areas around your lower belly. No matter what your size, if you are comfortable in a bikini and like the way you look, go for it.


Tankinis are my personal favorite. They are a two piece swimsuit, much like a bikini but the top is longer and covers the stomach like a tank top would. These are good for girls who have a little bit of a belly that they want to cover. Often tankini tops are ruched on the sides to help conceal the problem areas a little more.


A Monokini is a swimsuit that has the look of a bikini but the top and bottom are LingerieSuperStoreS Summer Swimwear Guide Blogattached by a piece of fabric that usually covers the center of your belly. This is a good style for girls who are nervous that a bikini may fall off during the course of the day.

Traditional Swimsuit

If you opt for a one piece traditional swimsuit, that is fine too. Just be sure to pick one that is flattering, you don’t want something too juvenile or too old ladyish. There are one pieces that have cute cut out designs or a fun strappy look. You can look cute and trendy in a one piece if you pick one that is modern.

Men Find Your Swimsuit Too!

Men, don’t forget that you need to be looking good for the ladies too! Most men just grab the first pair of trunks or board shorts they see. If you aren’t surfing or doing any sort of show boating, avoid the board shorts. You don’t want to do anything too baggy, women don’t find that appealing. Find something that is a little more fitted and high lights your body style. It doesn’t have to be a speedo, but a pair of trunks that are fitted go a long way.

Swimsuit Etiquette

LingerieSuperStores Care for Your Swimsuit BlogIf you are going to a party where there will be children, please choose a swimsuit that is appropriate. Don’t wear a thong bikini or an itty-bitty top that only covers your nipples. Parents will not be amused. But if you are going to an adults-only party then wear what you feel most comfortable in.

Guys, ladies do not appreciate having their swimsuit tops untied. You may think its funny, get to catch a glimpse of her boobs. But it is never welcome or wanted. Women end up embarrassed, uncomfortable and generally pissed off.

I hope everyone has a fabulous end of the summer! Pick up your cute and stylish swimsuits before they are gone! Be safe! Don’t drink and drive! Keep an eye out for your drinking buddies when they are swimming!