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Unlock the Secrets of Attraction With Your Natural Pheromones

Let’s get back to to the basics of nature today. The natural rules of attraction in every animal on earth comes down to 1 basic thing. Pheromones. Since the dawn of time, man and animal alike have instinctively, unknowingly relied on pheromones to attract a mate.

Everyone’s natural, distinct “odor” is what will draw a mate. There are ways to highlight and enhance your natural pheromone scent to help the process along. Explaining pheromone enhancers is easier once you understand what pheromones are.

What Are Pheromones and How Do They Work?

pheromonePheromones are a natural scent that your body begins producing at puberty. There are 3 different ways pheromones work.

The first is called Axillary Steroids. These steroids are produced by your ovaries/testes, apocrine glands and adrenal glands. These glands all produce steroid chemicals that have scents unique to you. In women, these steroids are mainly produced during ovulation to attract a male for impregnation. Although pheromones are still produced every day in females as well as males, as the body is continually trying to find a mate.

The second is produced only by females and is called Vaginal Aliphatic Acids. These acids are found in a woman’s vaginal fluids. These acids are another that are only created during ovulation.

The third is Stimulation of the Vemeronasal Organ (VNO). This organ “senses” hormones in the opposite sex and uses your sense of smell to “sniff out” a sexually compatible partner.

All of these pheromones cause what is commonly called body odor. Because body odor is usually considered to be a bad thing, people conceal it with sprays and perfumes. These perfumes mask your pheromones and hinder the natural order of mating.

Usually, when we are around a person with body odor, it stinks. But once in awhile you will find that person who doesn’t smell bad to you. In fact, you will find yourself attracted to their natural body odor and even their sweat. That is your body being instinctively attracted to their pheromones and wanting to mate with them.

Now that we have a little bit of an idea of how pheromones work we can get to the fun stuff.

Enhancing Your Pheromones

Pheromone enhancing sprays don’t have any proven scientific benefits but they do have some really coollube effects. For instance, we have an oil called Pure Instinct, it is a scented pheromone oil that is both for men and women. When I put it on and let it air a little bit, I smell like I have watermelon Jolly Rancher perfume on. But one female coworker of mine smells like flowers when she uses it. A male coworker smells like the woods when he uses it. But when my boyfriend uses it, he smells musky and sexy and I just want to throw myself at him. But, a former female coworker of mine says he smells like a men’s cologne ad. Every person smells different, and if 5 people were to sniff you, you would get a different response from each based on a combination of attraction and pheromones.

There are many options for pheromone enhancing products. We carry a Buzzing Lip Balm that is infused with pheromones in the store. It feels like your lips are buzzing and triggers attraction. By the pheromone enhancers being right under your nose both you and your partner benefit from the pheromone enhancer.

There are perfumes and sprays and oils that enhance your pheromones as well, just be sure to use them in moderation. Just a light spritz or a little on your wrists and neck is plenty to do the trick. You don’t want to mask your true pheromone scent and not get the attraction you want from a mate.

Pheromones are the natural way of procreation. If you are looking for a lifelong partner, someone to have children with, lay off the cologne and let nature do all of the work.