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Add Kegel Training to Your Daily Exercise Routine!

Ladies, there is one exercise you MUST be doing! Especially if you have had children or plan to have them in the future. Kegel Exercises. It might be kind of embarrassing to talk about kegel exercises but they are so much more important than you know. Recommended by doctors and gynecologists throughout the world, Kegel exercises are for everyone!

What Are Kegel Exercises For?

Do you ever laugh or cough so hard that you maybe pee a little? If you have had children or a catheter then you know what I am talking about. Even women who haven’t had children sometimes pee a little when they laugh or cough. This is due to a weakened PC muscle. The PC muscle is the muscle on your pelvic floor that is involved in everything from urinating to childbirth.

Every female should do Kegel Exercises. These exercises strengthen your pelvic floor. Doing Kegels regularly should be on every woman’s daily to do list. The best part is, you don’t have to take time out of your busy schedule to do them. Walking around the mall? Do your Kegels. Sitting in an office chair at work? Do your Kegels. Reading a book in bed, relaxing? Do your Kegels. There is no reason or an excuse to not do them. In the long run, doing Kegel exercises regularly is extremely beneficial to your health. As you age, it will help prevent incontinence. If you are planning on becoming pregnant or already are, it will make pushing your baby out easier and faster. You will be able to laugh or cough without having to worry about some pee escaping. DO YOUR KEGELS!

That being said, how do you do Kegel Exercises?

How Do You Do Kegel Exercises?

In order for you to understand what I am talking about, I am going to have to get slightly graphic. Apologies. To find out what muscles you need to flex, the easiest way is to go to the restroom, as you are peeing, stop mid-stream. That muscle you flexed to stop your urine stream? That is what we are working out, the PC muscle.

To do a Kegel workout, you simply need to flex that PC muscle. You should flex the PC muscle repeatedly for about 10 minutes a day. I have found that I now do them with out even thinking about doing it for hours on end. It is painless and discreet, no one will ever catch you doing Kegel exercises. Or at least, they won’t have a clue that you are doing them.

Eventually you will notice a change in how it feels during intercourse, some women say they feel like it is “tighter.” Flexing your PC muscle during intercourse can also provide an interesting and fun experience for you and your partner.

Taking Your Kegel Exercises a Step Further

kegelsSome women like to use Kegel Balls (also known more popularly as Ben-Wa Balls) to strengthen those muscles even further. You simply insert the well cleaned Kegel Balls into your vagina and go on about your day, flexing to keep them from falling out. If you are using Kegel Balls, you want to start using them for 5 minutes, then gradually add more time. 10 minutes is the recommended amount of time to use them but some women will wear them for hours once they have grown accustomed to them.

You can use them in any position but standing or sitting is going to provide the best exercise for you because gravity will also be a factor. If you are having a hard time keeping them in while sitting or standing, use them laying down until you have strengthened that muscle more.

If you want to try Kegel Balls, you should start with a 1 inch diameter plastic or silicone ball to start. The larger ball won’t fall out as easily and will provide you with a better work out. Some of these Kegel Balls have a retrieval string attached for easier removal. Whether you get one with a retrieval string is all up to you. The only real danger of not having the removal string is the Kegel Balls get “lost” for few minutes. There isn’t any place for the balls to go except out. They won’t go past your cervix so they are never actually “lost”.

Once you have strengthened that PC muscle, you can move on to a smaller, metal ball that is heavier and more challenging to keep in. The more weighted the ball, the more of a workout you will get. The metal and size of these balls also makes them more slippery and that also challenges you to clench harder.

“Ben-Wa Balls” gained notoriety with the release of the 50 Shades of Grey novel. If you want to try to use Kegel Balls during intercourse, you need to lube them well before insertion and push them as far back as they will go before sex.

Are There Any Negatives to Doing Kegel Exercises?

There are no negative reactions to doing Kegels. You really can’t even wear yourself out from doing them.

Using Kegel Balls however may have some negative side effects though. You may be allergic to something that is used in the production of the different kinds of Kegel Balls. If you notice any itching or a rash develop, you need to stop using them immediately and consult a doctor. If you are using your Kegel Balls during intercourse, be aware of any pains you may have from using them. If it hurts at all, remove your Kegel Balls immediately. Kegel Balls are only for use in your vagina. Do not insert them into your anus, they can get lost and need to be surgically removed.

As with any toy, always wash your Kegel Balls before and after every use. Keep out of reach of children. Keep them out of your mouth, they do pose a choking hazard.

Do your Kegels every day! There is never a reason to not do them! Get that PC muscle strong and healthy so you can laugh your head off without worry.