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Sun-Kissed Summer Looks Without the Sun

Summer is a time for pool parties and light, skimpy clothes. With that comes a need to keep your skin protected, healthy and beautiful. Many girls love a sun-kissed look to go with their summer tan. There are many products on the shelves today that will give you a natural glow.

Sun-Kissed Skin Care

Laying out and tanning has been a summer staple since it was fashionable for women to wear revealing clothes. Unfortunately melanoma and various skin cancers have been on the rise since that time too. Tanning without sunscreen or coverage is now a big no-no according to most doctors and dermatologists. So how do you get that sun-kissed look without damaging your skin that looks amazing on everyone this time of year?


Starting with the basics, you need a shaving cream that is going to keep your legs and other areas smooth and hair-free. We carry two types of shaving cream that are both amazing. The first is Coochy Creme, this stuff is amazing, it is rash free so you won’t get those razors bumps or burns. Coochy Creme also slows your hair growth and has conditioners that prevent ingrown hairs. Coochy Creme comes in several scents and scent free for perfume-sensitive skin. Then we have Crazy Girl’s Shaving Creme which is made by the same company as Coochy Creme so they have the same qualities but Crazy Girl also has a pheromone enhancer. There are 2 scent options with Crazy Girl, Pretty Plumeria and Pink Cupcake, you are going to find a scent that you love.

I know a lot of men like their women to be hair free down there but it is actually incredibly unhealthy. Please only shave your bikini line and keep everything else trimmed.

Fun Fact! Don’t use a men’s razor, the “moisturizing strip” sometimes contains Rogaine, which can cause your hair to grow back faster and thicker.


Once you are hair-free the next step to your sun-kissed summer look needs to be moisturizing. Choose your lotion based on your personal moisturizing needs. I for one, have the driest skin in the world in summer so I need to use an ultra-moisture rich lotion constantly. If you are going to be in the sun all day, you need to use sunscreen! Some lotions include a sunblock so you won’t smell like sunscreen all day. Reapply your sunscreen as frequently as the bottle says.

Sugar Polish is a favorite in-store moisturizer, it is enhanced with pheromones and gives you a luxurious moisture rich feeling. The container is a cute little pot and it smells absolutely amazing! I am in love with this product and want to own the entire line of moisturizing products.

If you are going out for the night and want a sun-kissed glow, lotions with a shimmery quality are the way to go. Crazy Girl makes a Sparkling Lotion with pheromones that has a “sexy shimmer” effect.

Sun-Kissed Shimmer

sun-kissed-4To get a sun-kissed shimmer effect after you have moisturized, find a cream or oil that contains shimmer or glitter. Glam Oil’s Dry Glittering Oil gives you an amazing shimmer! You just spray it on your body and hair. It doesn’t feel oily or greasy. It will give you a subtle luminescence from the lighting around you. And, total bonus, the oil is good for your body and hair!

There are also shimmering body powders you can choose from. Crazy Girl makes a Shimmering Diva Dust that is light and smells amazing. It is kissable and tastes like cupcake. I actually use this product quite often. The only real drawback is if you use too much and sweat or get damp or rain, it gets sticky.

Don’t over do the shimmer, you want a subtle, natural looking glow when the light is on you. Don’t become a disco ball by using too much.

Your Face and Make-Up

If you have ever been to our Phoenix store, you may have met an employee who’s make-up is always amazing and impeccable. I asked her for a few tips on face care because I am not a make-up person. She recommends that after you wash your face, use a face moisturizer with sun screen included in it. It will keep your face from drying out or getting too oily.

You really don’t want to use too much bronzer or shimmer on your face in the summer, it isn’t necessary. The make-up pro employee recommends a matte look for the summer for your face because your face will shine naturally underneath the make-up. Keep the bronzer and shimmer on your body, and your face natural.

Highlight Your Sun-Kissed Skin With the Right Fashions

Have you ever heard the rule that you should only wear white between Memorial Day and Labor Day? There is a reason behind it, white accents your sun-kissed skin the best. It makes your skin look darkersun-kissed-3 and more even. Don’t wear all white. A great look that I have found that accents tans the best is a white top, a pair of denim shorts that aren’t too light and a pair of white tennis shoes. It is basic, comfortable, looks adorable and makes your tan stand out. Of course you don’t have to wear white all summer but make sure the color you choose doesn’t clash with your skin tone. For instance, I can wear yellow and orange in the winter but when I am tan, I can’t pull those colors off, they match my skin too closely and look weird.

I know some people only wear gold and some people only wear silver jewelry. In the summer, gold is a beautiful accent to every look. It stands out and also makes your skin look sun-kissed and radiant. Gold jewelry and a white top is the best color combination to wear in the summer for a stand out, sun-kissed look.

Find the products that best suit your skin and get a beautiful summer sun-kissed look. If you do choose to go tanning, please be attentive to your skin. Use sun-screen, don’t stay out too long and check your skin for new or strange moles. Have an amazing summer with your fabulous sun-kissed self!