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Romance Isn’t Dead! A Guide to a Sensual Night In

According to really anyone you talk to now days, because of technology, romance is dead. And I tend to agree. Instead of fixing the problems, people jump from a relationship right into a new person’s bed. Wooing someone is now done with romantic words typed on a phone. I have an old fashioned mindset, where a strong relationship should weather every storm. Giving up is not an option.

Romance is necessary to keep a relationship healthy and going strong. But, it seems no one knows how to be romantic anymore. Besides sending a text that says “I Love You” or some flowers, no one has any idea how to romance their love.

So how do you romance your love without technology being involved? How do you woo a suitor without technology?

A Night of Romance at Home

lingerie superstoresMy favorite dates with my significant other are romantic picnics in our bedroom. We spend our time during these romantic “picnics” remembering why we love each other and talking about us as a whole. We pick a nice light meal, get some drinks and lock ourselves away from the world. Cellphones off, TV playing some music in the background and just focus on each other. We eat, we talk, we drink, we laugh, we dance and of course we get romantic.

The very first, most important thing you need to do is leave your cellphones, tablets, laptops, T.V.s etc. out of the bedroom. You don’t need any distractions. You need a night where it is just you two. Focus on your partner, focus on your relationship.

Make sure you won’t have any distractions. If you have children, wait until they are in bed. Have everything prepared ahead of time so you aren’t stopping to go grab a lighter or something.

Setting Up Your Night of Romance

Pick up your room real quick, clear off surfaces, make your bed, just make it look nice. You want your night to be memorable for the romance, not because your room was a mess.

Get together any essentials for your night; lube, massage oil, any toys you may enjoy together and of course condoms! Again, you don’t want to have to interrupt your night because you need to find a condom or lube. Also have a warm damp washcloth somewhere handy and discreet in case your lube or massage oil gets a little messy.

Find some candles that have a relaxing or sensual scent that you both enjoy. Light them and place them strategically around the room. You want them to provide romantic lighting but also be in safe places where you won’t accidentally start a fire. You may also want to buy an amazing massage candle. These candles melt right above normal body temperature so they don’t burn your skin. Just light it, let it melt down a little bit and gently pour it on your lover where ever you want to start your massage.

Put together a playlist of you and your partner’s favorite romantic songs. Pick songs that make your think of your partner, even if it isn’t considered a romantic song. The gesture of choosing a song that makes you think of your partner is an incredibly romantic gesture.

If you plan to make it a romantic bedroom picnic, get your foods ready right before your partner arrives. Make sure the food is light, clean and easy to eat. Pick a bottle of wine or liquor that you both love and pairs well with your meal if you would like.

Make Your Night of Romance Memorable

While you are talking and focusing on each other, make sure you are doing just that. Leave everything else at the door. Keep the mood light and upbeat, you want your partner to remember the loving things you have to say. Make your partner smile and laugh, just be happy in the moment together.LingerieSuperStores Spice Up Your Love Life Oils

I love to give my significant other a nice massage before we get to the fun stuff. Being relaxed and loose will help set the mood in the room for later. Only use a small drizzle of the massage oil, a little goes a long way. Start with a nice back massage, then move on to the legs and arms. Ask your partner to do the same for you so you are both in the same mental state.

When you are ready for fun in the bed, keep your partner comfortable and yourself as well. Vocalize, if something hurts or is uncomfortable, speak up. The more you communicate in (and out) of the bedroom, the better it will be. Focus on things that bring you both pleasure. Focus on your partner for a bit and then switch it up and focus on you. Don’t be selfish in the bedroom, it’s not just about you.

A night of romance is always a welcome distraction to remind you of who you are and why you are with the person you love so much. Keep things focused on your relationship and on yourselves. It is important to do these things to keep your relationship alive and strong.