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Panties for Every Shape and Size Booty

Panties are always fun to shop for; from the no-frills boyshorts to the sexy thongs, there is something for everyone. Unfortunately, certain panty styles won’t work for every booty shape. Once you know your shape, you can find many styles of panties to suit your booty. So what shape is your butt? Grab a mirror or grab some close girlfriends and let’s figure it out!

Know Your Booty Shape to Find the Best Panties

Butts come in all shapes and sizes but are generally categorized into one of these 4 main shapes. A square, “H” shape, a round, “O” shape, a heart or pear, “A” shape or an inverted “V” shape. Every butt is different, so you might not fit perfectly into one of the 4 shapes and that’s okay. Don’t be disappointed, just choose the one that best describes your booty. Check your butt out in a mirror and see where you fit!booty-shape


If you have a square butt, its because of higher hip bones or a distribution of fat in the love handle area.

If you have a round butt then you know the term “bubble butt” well. Bubble butts are an even distribution of fat throughout your entire butt, giving it the lovely round shape.

If you have a heart or pear shaped butt, you are lucky. Considered the “ideal” look for women everywhere. The fat is located towards the bottom of your butt, which makes you narrower at the waist and gives you the curves every woman wants.

The inverted butt shape is from fat being stored towards your midsection, which gives you a narrower bottom.

Once you find the category your butt fits in. you are ready to shop for panties!

The Best Panties for a Square Booty

square-buttPeople with square butts need something to give their booties definition and shape. For everyday wear, a boyshort with a lacy or scalloped edge will cut up on your butt nicely and make it look rounder. Another panty style to try is one with ruching. The ruched look will give your butt an illusion of roundness and volume.

Thongs are always a must for any booty shape, you will need one to wear under anything that is tight and fitted. Square shaped butts should wear a Y-Back thong to give your butt some shape. A T-Back thong will make your butt look even more square than it already is.

Panties for Round Booties

bubble-buttGirls with round butts need panties that are not going to give them a wedgie every time they move. Thongs are the best cut for a round booty. But thongs are not always practical, a great substitution is a tanga cut panty. Tangas are cut like a thong but offer more coverage.  Another option is a Brazilian cut panty, it is an excellent choice for women who aren’t comfortable with wearing a thong or tanga. It will offer the same look with more coverage and more comfort. Boyshorts are also a comfortable option as they provide optimal coverage and comfort.

Avoid panties that offer low rise coverage as these will not fit well and will leave the top part of your bottom uncovered. A bikini style or brief will also not sit well on a butt that is round. Panty lines will be visible, and there will be a strange wedgie look, and the discomfort will be off the charts.

The Perfect Panties for Heart Shaped Butts

If you are one of the lucky ones with the highly coveted heart shaped butt, you will need to be sure your panty makes your butt look even. The best panty for a heart shaped butt is a bikini. Thhearte not too full coverage will look great. Also a cute style for the heart shaped butt is a cheeky panty, that shows off the bottom of your cheeks and covers enough up top that it still looks great!

A thong is also a great option for a heart shaped butt, especially one with a wide lace waist band to give it a more even look.

Panties for an Inverted Booty

invertedFor girls with an inverted butt, a panty with a fuller bottom is going to be the go-to choice. A brief or a culotte a kind of boyshort with a fuller bottom will give you the roundness you are looking for. A panty with ruching on the bottom will add volume while camouflaging your problem areas.

Finding a thong that works with an inverted bottom is trickier but can be done. Try a very narrow waistband T-Back thong as to not over-emphasize the wider waist.

Shaping Your Booty

Not happy with your booty shape? Or do you love it and want to keep it that way? There are so many workouts today geared towards getting and keeping the the ideal butt shape, that you could pick up any women’s magazine and find one. Pick the one that works the best for you and stick to it. Even after you have achieved your perfect booty, you gotta keep working hard to keep it perfect.

Taking Care of Your Panties

Once you have found the perfect panties for your booty shape, you need to make sure they are sized properly. If a panty is too tight you will get panty lines and unattractive bulges. More importantly, if a panty is too tight you run a greater risk of UTIs and other gross, uncomfortable infections. If you are going to be sweating a lot, whether from working out or just the day’s weather, try to wear cotton panties. Cotton panties pull the moisture away from your body and keep you dryer. If you are wearing a thong be sure to keep things clean downstairs because that string going where it does, bacteria will creep right along that string and cause infections.

Change your panties daily to avoid odor, infection and general discomfort. As grandma always said “If you ever get in an accident, you want to have clean panties if someone’s gonna see ’em.” Happy panty shopping ladies!