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Spice Up Your Love Life with Help from The LingerieSuperStores

If you are like the rest of us, you dream about finding the love of your life and living happily ever after. When you find that special someone, you pull out all the stops and use all your best moves. You never let them see you without your hair done or your make-up on. You use your best manners and laugh at all their jokes. But after a few years you can use some help to spice up your love life.

When you first fall for someone, they turn you on simply by being in the room. You start to use your new lover as a baseline to measure all others’ beauty and sex-appeal against.  When love is new, everything your lover does is cute and drives you wild with desire. Just the thought of them touching you is enough to make your legs weak and your bodice quiver with anticipation. You find yourself aching for their touch!

Sex with a new love is always fantastic. Every time they touch you, you can feel the passion and excitement pulsating through your body. With every caress, you become weaker! With every kiss, your body writhes with a pleasure that you are sure will last forever! Whether it is a quick or a long encounter, a new lover never leaves you wanting!

Turn the clock ahead a few years and or a few kids and everything has changed. Those old jokes you have heard a million times are no longer funny and your love life is either non-existent, or is an unrecognizable shell of its former self. But you can reignite your desires with these tips from our experts and put that passion back in your relationship.

So Many Ways To Spice Up Your Love Life

Have you been with your lover for so long that things have started to become stale or predictable in the bedroom? Well, don’t worry about it; it happens to all couples if they stay together long enough.

The good news is that this is not a terminal condition! There are many ways to stay emotionally connected and spice up your love life and they come in all forms from sweet and playful to down-right kinky! We will discuss several ways you can add a little variety to your intimate encounters and spice up your love life.


If you want to add a little variety to your sex life but you do not know what to do or how to do it, intimate games can be fun and helpful.  There are all kinds of intimate games on the market. If you and your partner are artistic, there are intimate versions of Pictionary which have you draw suggestive pictures and try to guess what each other is drawing.

If you are not into drawing, there are other games out there as well. Dirty Minds feeds you sexually suggestive hiLingerieSuperStores Spice Up Your Love Life Gamesnts at totally asexually answers. This game is designed to get you in the mood by introducing suggestive situations that let your mind go where it wants to go instead of directing you to a certain destination. It leaves the fun and fantasy up to you!

If you are looking for a game with a little more direction. You can buy Spicy Dice which are dice that have sexual acts and body parts on them and all you have to do is roll and be open to whatever the dice suggest. The Super Sex Deck is another way to get some sexy direction. It is a deck of 52 cards, all with new and exciting sexual positions and situations to try.  Whatever game you decide to play, remember to be open to new ideas.

Books and Movies

Books, magazines and movies are an easy way to spice up your sex life. They are all readily available. You can pick them up LingerieSuperStores Spice Up Your Love Life Booksat LingerieSuperStores, your local convenience store, and many are available for purchase, rental, or oven free on the internet.

An adult novel can be an extremely sexy way to add a little something to your bedroom repertoire. If you have only 1 copy, you will have to take turns reading it to each other. It can be extremely erotic to read “naughty” passages to your partner or have them read them to you. You may find that you don’t get very much of the book read at each reading because you both become too excited! But that is the whole point so if that causes it to take longer to read the book, that’s great!

Movies are another easy way to add a little spice to your love life. Dirty movies range from very soft pornography to very hardcore stuff. If you have never seen an adult movie, my advice would be to start with something pretty softcore. The movies you can find on pay movie channels like HBO and Cinemax in the middle of the night are a good example of something soft.

If you have already started with the late night movies and are ready to move on to something harder, try to pick something with a plot and story and good costumes. Watching dirty movies may be an aphrodisiac used for getting you in the mood but if it has a good story, you are more likely to watch more of the movie which will prolong your anticipation and your excitement. Remember to take small steps when you are ready to move on to something harder and you should have fun with your lover and dirty movies.


LingerieSuperStores Spice Up Your Love Life ToysIf you are looking to spice up your love life, introducing toys into the bedroom can do the job. There are so many toys out there to choose from, you will definitely find one to suit your particular desires. There are toys to use on him, toys to use on her, and toys you can use on either him or her.

Toys for him come in a lot of varieties including masturbators and strokers, cock rings, and even blow up dolls.  Toys for her also include several different varieties like clitoral stimulators, vibrators, nipple clamps and more, there are way too many to list here.

There are also toys that can be used for either him or her. Some of these toys have been traditionally for one sex or the other but today they are used for both. These toys include paddles, restraints, dildos, anal stimulators and anal plugs. Women and men both like anal play and therefore any anal toys can be used and enjoyed by both sexes. Be careful if you are a beginner and use the correct toys for your experience level.


LingerieSuperStores Spice Up Your Love Life Lingerie1Lingerie may be the easiest and most versatile way to spice up your love life. There are so many ways to incorporate lingerie into your everyday life and your bedroom that you can actually wear it all the time if you want to. Wearing lingerie is an easy way to turn on your lover. Whether you are a man or a woman, your lover would love to see you in something sexy and revealing!

Lingerie Everyday

One easy way to incorporate lingerie into your everyday life and turn on your lover at the same time is to wear matching bras and panties. I know you may be thinking that it is too difficult and that you barely have time to match your socks, let alone your panties and bras. But matching your bra and panties is not as hard as you think.

If you buy several solid color panties and several multi colored bras or vice versa, all you have to do is grab one of each. If you want to go with matching solid colors, remember that they do not have to be a perfect match. If you are wearing black, you can wear a black lace bra and black satin panties. As long as they are the same color, they do not have to be a set. Your lover is going to be so turned on, they will be too busy to look at your tags to see if they match.

A Dusting of Spice

Another great way to spice up your love life with lingerie and maybe get some help with the housework at the same time. If you clean your house every Saturday morning, make it more fun and exciting by doing it in sexy lingerie. This is a great way to build excitement!

While you are cleaning the house in your super fab lingerie, your lover is inevitably going to try to take advantage of you. This is a good time to keep their interest and prolong their anticipation by telling them “No fooling around until the housework is done!” Not only will this keep their fire burning, it may even inspire them to help clean the house so you can get to the fun! Don’t forget to tease them every once in a while for good measure.

Drive Them Wild Before Bed

If you have kids or roommates, you may not be able to wear lingerie to clean the house, but LingerieSuperStores Spice Up Your Love Life Lingeriethere is plenty of sizzling hot lingerie to wear in the bedroom. Tonight before you go to bed, surprise your lover and put on some uber sexy lingerie instead of those same old pajamas.

When you step out of the bathroom in something slinky and revealing, they are going to go absolutely insane!! Use this time to really go daring, when else can you be so outrageously sexy?! If you do this a couple of times, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that they return the favor some night!

There are so many ways to spice up your love life that I could never list them all here. It all depends on what turns you and your lover on and what you are Both comfortable with. Remember to take it slow when you introduce something new into the bedroom and be patient. It may take your lover a little time to come around to some things but if you are gentle, patient and loving, you will find a happy medium where you can both get what you want!

No matter how you choose to spice up your love life, remember to Be Safe and Have Fun!