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Bra Styles Demystified – A Shopping Guide

We all love to shop. Am I right ladies? But when it comes to shopping for lingerie, it can sometimes be a different story all together. Besides being intimidated because we have the crazy idea that lingerie is only for people with perfect bodies, lingerie shopping can sometimes be intimidating if you don’t know the correct lingo. All the different bra styles alone can seem overwhelming.

Have you been in a lingerie shop and they asked you if you have ever tried a “balconette” or a “deep-plunge”? Did you know what they were talking about? Or were you left wondering if you were both talking about the same thing…Bra’s.

LingerieSuperStores Bra Styles BlogIf you are nervous about buying bra’s already, it can be overwhelming to be bombarded with so many new terms. While you are trying to pick out the perfect bra, terms like demi-cup, full coverage, convertible, and racerback keep running through your mind. You begin to wonder if you are in a lingerie shop or at a racetrack!

I know you are not going to believe this, but I used to have only 1 bra!! I know what you are thinking…How could you have only 1 bra? And the answer is, I have no idea. One day my husband asked me why I only had 1 and told me he thought all women had a different bra for every day of the week. At the time the thought of having a different bra for each day was almost laughable (remember, I had only 1 bra at the time).

Well, the more I got to thinking about it, the more I realized that he was right and so I started buying bras. I bought all kinds of bras (possibly too many), but no matter how many bras I bought, all the different bra styles still confused me.

Well, just relax, take a deep breath, and read the rest of this article before you buy your next bra. I will explain each style so you will have the knowledge you need to pick out the perfect bra for you. Once you buy your new bra, make sure you care for it properly and it will last a lot longer.

Bra StylesLingerieSuperStores Bra Styles Guide Blog Shopping Guide

When you go bra shopping there are several bra styles you are bound to come across. Here I will try to explain a little bit about each one so you feel more comfortable next time you buy a bra. Take my advice ladies… Your lingerie wardrobe should include multiple bra’s and several different bra styles…I know this from experience, you will thank me for it.


Full Coverage –

Full coverage bras are just what they sound like. They are bras that cover most or all of your breast tissue. Full coverage bras provide extra support and are terrific for large busted women or anyone who is looking to minimize “spillage”. If you have extra skin or padding around your chest and back, a full coverage bra can help smooth everything out giving you a softer, more flattering look.

A full coverage bra should be comfortable. It should cover everything and fit snugly on the breast without any gaps at the top and without allowing anything to spill over the top of the cup.

Strapless –

Strapless bras are another category of bra that is self-explanatory. A strapless bra is a bra that does not have the typical shoulder straps, or any other straps as a general rule. Some strapless bras have detachable straps but we will talk about those later.

A strapless bra should have a pretty snug fit. It should not be so tight that it hurts, and nothing sh5428-WOould bulge out or spill over, but if it’s loose when you buy it, it will only stretch out when you wash it and will end up being too big.

Molded Cup –

A lot of women think that molded cup bras are the same as push-up bras but that’s just not true. Molded cup bras are simply bras whose cups hold their shape when you take them off. A lot of women prefer molded cups because they help minimize large or prominent nipples. Others like them because they provide a seamless look that is smooth and sexy.

Molded bras can be great if you are not happy with the shape of your breasts. If your breasts are fuller on the bottom than the top, or are sagging a little bit, a molded bra can be a very good choice for you. The extra lining provides the shape you are looking for without necessarily adding to your cup size.

Balconette (Balcony) –

The balconette may sound like something attached to the back of your house or apartment, but it is one of the more confusing terms used to describe bra styles. On a balconette, the tops of the cups are cut straight across your breasts creating a straight line.

With its full bottom and revealing top, the balconette provides great support and creates awesome cleavage at the same time.  The wide set straps provide extra support like a shelf, which gives you a voluptuous and sensual look.

Plunge Bra –

The plunge bra is a bra that has wide set cups that are cut very low in the center. The plunge bra is a great choice for low cut shirts and dresses. The low cut and shape of the bra pushes your breasts towards the middle which creates very impressive cleavage.

You don’t have to sacrifice support to get a drop dead sexy look with a plunge bra either. Many plunge bras have extra side panels which help provide support for larger breasts.

Demi LingerieSuperStores Bra Styles BlogCup –

The demi cup is another of the most misunderstood of the bra styles. The demi cup is similar to the balconette but is cut a little lower cut across the breast which makes it a little more revealing and a little sexier. The demi cup has wide set straps which help provide support while the low cut cups provide for maximum cleavage.

 Lace –

Lace bras are exactly what they sound like. Lace bras can have several different materials but are made mostly out of lace. Some lace bras are lined which provide more coverage than an open lace bra. Lace bras come in all shapes and sizes and are very sexy. Lace is very feminine and lace bras are extremely revealing when the lace is not lined.

Cami Bra –

A Cami bra, simply put, is a camisole with a built in bra. Most cami bras do not extend very far below the bra line but some extend as far as the waist. A cami bra is sexy way to be a little daring without showing very much cleavage.  My favorite bra is my cami bra with a leopard print push-up bra and a black lace cami. I feel so sexy every time I wear it!

Cami bras can provide as much support and coverage as you want them to. You can get them in any level of support ranging from a super supportive underwire bra to a minimally supportive soft cup. The choice is up to you.

Push up –

I think everyone knows what a push up bra is. A push up bra is a bra that lifts and squeezes your breasts together in order to create a larger or fuller look. Push up bras have extra padding in the bottom and or sides of the cup which provides extra lift and copious amounts of cleavage.

Push up bras are great for those whose breasts are naturally fuller on the bottom than the top. The push up cup provides just the right amount of padding to create a fuller, more rounded, perkier looking breast. They are great for women with small breasts who wish they had a larger size and for women with large breasts who want to show off their assets. Push up bras can add as much as 2 cup sizes.

T-Shirt –

The T-Shirt bra is a seamless bra that creates a super smooth, almost invisible look under a T-Shirt or other thin blouse. Most T-Shirt bras have molded cups which help to create that smooth look you are after. If you really want your T-Shirt bra to disappear, make sure you wear one that matches your skin tone. Never wear a white bra under a white shirt if you are looking for a seamless, invisible look.

The T-Shirt bra is my favorite bra; I wear one almost every day.  They create such a smooth outline and look great with everything. They are comfortable and provide full coverage and support without being too conservative.

Racerback –

A racerback bra has straps that start in the middle of your back instead of coming straight down from your shoulders. Racerback bras create a flattering look by naturally pushing your breast both towards the middle and lifting them. The racerback is a great choice of bra styles to wear with a tank top and other sleeveless fashions. The middle orientation of the straps eliminates the visible bra strap on most sleeveless tops.

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Sports Bra –

The sports bra is a bra created to minimize breast movement during exercise. Most sports bras are made from a cotton blended with spandex and are very supportive. They were originally created as a utilitarian bra but have morphed into something stylish that can be worn every day. With yoga pants and leggings gaining so much popularity lately, the sports bra has tagged right along with them. The sports bra is a natural companion for yoga pants and if you have the body for it, why not flaunt it?

Convertible Bra –

Of all the bra styles, the convertible bra is the most versatile. The convertible bra is a bra with removable straps that can be configured in many different ways. Convertible bras are all different but as a general rule convertible bras can be worn as a traditional over the shoulder bra, a strapless bra, a racerback bra, a criss-cross back bra and many other styles.

If you want a bra that can be whatever you want it to be whenever you need it, the convertible is your best bet when it comes to bra styles and nude or flesh toned is the best color to go with.

Like I said earlier, every woman should have several different bras in her lingerie wardrobe in several different styles and we shouldn’t be intimidated when we go bra shopping. So next time you need a new bra, keep this article in mind and go out there and shop with confidence. You Got This Girl! Have Fun and Buy lots of Lingerie!