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EDC Vegas is Coming! Get Your Rave Outfits Ready!

Every raver’s dream is to attend the ultimate rave, EDC in Vegas, at least once in their lifetime. This year is the 20th anniversary of the amazing Electric Daisy Carnival and it sounds like it is going to be an absolutely awesome event. With a line up that includes artists like Kaskade, Zedd and Afrojack, this is the year to go.

3 Nights of Raves, 3 Outfits

In addition to the music and the dancing, what you wear is a rite of passage at a rave. You want your outfit to stand out, catch the right person’s eye and you could be dancing on stage with your favorite artist. You can buy 3 separate outfits or you can buy individual pieces that can be swapped and worn with other pieces for a different look every day.edc-2

Make sure whatever you wear is going to be comfortable and flexible enough to dance the night away in. If you have the time, a popular top among party goers is a glittery, flower covered bra that you decorate yourself. If you don’t have that kind of time, we sell dancewear in a large assortment of colors that are comfortable and when layered and paired with the right bottom, look amazing.

A favorite look is the Wrap Around Top by Body Zone layered over a basic tri-top in contrasting hues for a pop of color. And for bottoms, either a pair of Ribbon Tie Shorts or a tutu layered over a cute go-go short. Add a pair of comfortable shoes or boots and you are good to go! For your second day look, you might want to consider something that is little bit different, like this 2 Piece Set, layered over a solid tri-top and bottom for a look that is fun, colorful and versatile. On the third and final day, take elements from both outfits and combine them to make one amazing look that sums up your weekend.

Accessorize Your Rave Look

The finishing touches on every rave outfit is the accessories. Your accessories will make your outfit everything you want it to be. I know layers of bracelets are all the rage but you might want to consider some gloves or some cool spaghetti leg wraps that look just as good on your arms. For your legs, some funky stockings or furry boot covers are always favorites, layer them together or wear them separately for a killer look.

Your shoes should be comfortable for dancing and walking around, since you will be on your feet for the better part of 8 hours. Some girls go all out and wear the awesome go-go boots or the stacked boots and some wear a comfortable pair of tennis shoes to save their feet. Don’t wear heels, EDC is held on an old airstrip, there is grassy areas and cracked asphalt everywhere.

When you go to raves, go with people you trust, keep an eye on yourself and your friends, be safe and have fun! Don’t forget to show us your amazing EDC look on our Facebook page and share your amazing experiences!