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Look Good All Summer – How to Care for Your Swimsuit

We spend weeks, sometimes even months picking out the perfect swimsuit every year.LingerieSuperStores Care for Your Swimsuit Blog We come home with a suit that fits like a glove, it is the perfect color and the perfect cut. We go swimming, out to pool and beach parties, and just wear them around with shorts because they look so good. But if you don’t care for your swimsuit, it may let you down.

We have dreams of a summer filled with fun in our favorite new suit. But soon, we don’t even recognize the suit we picked out. We start to wear a tank top with our shorts instead of our suit. We avoid situations where we might have to wear it.

We start to question our decision to buy the suit in the first place. Did I really buy a suit this color? Did it sag in the back like this when I bought it? But it’s not the suits that are to blame, it is the way we take care of them.

Swimsuits are not cheap, you can invest quite a bit of money in the perfect one, but If you are careless and don’t take care it, it may only last you a few months. On the other hand, if you follow these tips on how to care for your swimsuit, it can last you for years.

How to Care for Your Swimsuit When You Are Wearing It

We all love our new swimsuit and want to wear it all the time but we need to resist the urge. Swimsuits are designed to be worn only occasionally so when we wear them all the time, the fabric breaks down and your suit starts to pill or snag, and will eventually start to fall apart.

We also need to be careful of what we wear over our suits. I know we are all tempted to wear our swimsuits with our favorite pair of shorts or overalls, but the heavy fabric and metal decorations and rivets will break down and snag your suit worse thaLingerieSuperStores Care for Your Swimsuit Blogn anything.

The best thing to do is to wear your suit by itself and only use a cover-up that is made to go over a swimsuit. They are usually made of better quality fabric and don’t have embellishments that will harm your new suit.

We should always be careful of where we sit when we are wearing our swimming suits. Concrete is extremely rough on spandex and lycra. But we should also be wary of wooden seats, as well as rough plastic and metal seating. All it takes is the smallest splinter to snag your gorgeous new suit and ruin it.

Chemicals are worse for a new swimsuit than anything else. If you are going to wear suntan lotion or sunscreen, make sure you apply it at least an hour before you put on your suit to give it plenty of time to dry. The chemicals in the lotion can destroy the fabric and color of your suit if you’re not careful.

Chlorine and salt water are the worst offenders. If left on your suit, they can break down the lycra and leave you wearing a suit with no stretch, that is 2 sizes too large. Make sure you rinse off your suit after swimming and hot-tubbing, and never leave a chlorine soaked suit in a bag or wrapped in a wet towel.

How to Care for Your Swimsuit When You Are Washing It

We all may be tempted to throw our swimsuit in the washing machine and let modern technology take care of the dirty work. But we should NEVER give in to this urge. Washing your new suit in the machine may be the worst thing you can do to it.

The wash cycle on the machine is going to be far too rough with your delicate new swimsuit. The machine will twist and spin your suit and the abrasive action will cause pilling and even tearing. The best way to wash your new swimsuit, if you want it to last, is to hand-wash it.

When hand-washing your suit, be careful. Harsh detergents can cause damage to the delicate fabrics so make sure you use a gentle cleanser like Woolite or a something specially made for swimwear. Add a small amount of cleanser to a sink or tub full of cool water and let your suit soak for 30 minutes. This will allow any chemicals to escape as well as any sand or other foreign objects that may have found their way into the fabric.

Once you have let your suit soak in the cool water, swish it gently around in the sink making sure not to be too rough with it. If you have any spots or stains, gently rub the area in the direction of the fabric. If you need to, put a little cleanser on a soft white cloth and very gently rub the spot until it is gone. Gently wring out the excess water (never squeeze or twist harshly) and lay flat to dry, turning over every hour so it dries evenly. Taking the time to care for your suit properly will significantly extend the life of your favorite new swimsuit.