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Find the Perfect Costume for Comicon!

Its that time of year again! Phoenix Comicon is less than a month away! While not required, dressing up is all a part of the fun at any Comicon. There are costume contests, meet-ups for people dressed as certain characters, as well as panels on how to build a costume; so why not dress up? You will never be embarrassed or feel out of place.

You can be whomever you want to be and no one will judge you for it. Have you always wanted to be a mermaid? Then be a mermaid! A character from your favorite book or TV show? Do it! I’m not going to lie, I go to Comicon every comiconyear and I dress up, every year as a character from my favorite book series. My costume is one of a kind when I am there, but people recognize who I am. If they don’t, they are still respectful and ask and compliment it. Luckily for every unique individual, Comicon attendees are all very welcoming and accepting.

The only problem I hear people having is that Comicon is in the middle of the year. Where do you find a cool costume to wear? Unless you plan months in advance and buy a costume during Halloween, or start building one from scratch, costumes are going to be hard to find. No matter how far in advance I plan, I always find myself in need of accessories for my costumes.

I always have customers come in on their way to Comicon to get the finishing touches or full costumes and I am happy to say that my lovely co-workers at the Lingerie Superstores are always able to come through and find something that will work and look amazing.

Start shopping now, before every thing cool is gone!

Your Comicon Costume

When you are trying on your costume options, you want to consider extenuating circumstances. How long will I be wearing this costume? How is the weather going to be? Will I be able to get through the huge crowds comfortably? How much sitting/standing/walking will I be doing?

Buying a ready made costume is great if you are short on time or have a vision of what you want. My favorite part of wearing ready made costumes is that they don’t have to be what they are, you can alter them, add accents and accessories to make them what you want them to be. You can be whatever you want with a little imagination and willingness to do the work to create your vision. For instance, I bought this Robin Hood costume and am dying it, removing some aspects and adding leather strapping to make it the perfect costume for me.

I love creating costumes and the hunt of finding the perfect parts or making your own from scratch. It takes time and great patience but it is worth it when your vision is there in front of you. A perfect piece of unique art made by you, for you.

Once you have picked your costume and made it into what you want it to be, you will want to be sure to have a comfortable bra, your most comfortable shoes and a pair of booty shorts if you are wearing a dress. (Tip: Bring a change of clothes in case you get too uncomfortable or too hot)

Accessorize Your Comicon Costume

Once your costume is built, don’t forget the accessories! Instead of spending loads of time, hair product and sanity trying to style your own hair the morning of Comicon, buy a wig. You can style it ahead of time and throw it on before you head out the door. Does your character wear a certain accessory? A character specific style of hosiery or stockings can make every bit of difference in how recognizable your costume is going to be. My character wears gauntlets instead of gloves so I found a pair and dyed them black so they would match my vision.

Share pictures of your Lingerie Superstores accessorized Comicon costumes and tell us about your experiences on our Facebook page! I look forward to seeing you there and seeing your awesome posts on our page! Have fun and stay safe!