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Wearing Lingerie with Confidence

If you are anything like me, when you look in the mirror all you see are your flaws and faults and sometimes you don’t like what you see. Every now and then though I see past those flaws and see my true beauty. The same thing happens when I wear my lingerie, sometimes I just can’t see the beauty that my boyfriend tells me he sees but then I catch a glimpse of him looking at me with a look of awe, wonder, love and lust and then I see it.

Any one can wear lingerie, but the beauty is in the presentation. Its not just putting something sexy on, you need to put the persona on too. Lingerie should be worn with confidence. Don’t cover your “flawed” areas, just wear what makes you feel sexy and confident. Your partner doesn’t care about your stretch marks or your stomach or thighs, they care that you look amazing.

Choose Lingerie That Makes YOU Feel Beautiful

When choosing your lingerie, remember even though you are wearing it for your partner, YOU are the one wearing it. If you are uncomfortable then you won’t be confident. If you aren’t confident you won’t feel sexy and if you don’t feel sexy, you will give off that vibe and your partner won’t as excited as you are hoping. Which will make you feel less confident, less beautiful, it is a vicious cycle and you are the only one who can break it by exerting your confidence. So choose lingerie that makes you feel comfortable, confident and sexy.

If you have areas you consider to be problem areas, and you just can’t bring yourself to show them off, there are many styles of lingerie to choose from that will conceal certain areas.

If you have3229-Red-WO a tummy or stretch marks that you want to cover, a babydoll would be a good choice. Babydolls are also good for women who don’t want something that is going to hug their curves, they are loose and flowy so they lay nicely on any body shape.

If you hate your hips or butt, a chemise or a short and cami set are good choices. Chemises are longer and will cover those areas. A short and cami set will cover your hips and butt as well, but they are more playful than sexy.

Bringing the Confidence

Once you have found a piece of lingerie that makes you feel beautiful, you need to bring the confidence. You are going to be the only one who can bring it so look at yourself once you are wearing the lingerie. Do your hair and make-up if you want. But once you are dressed and looking fabulous, put on the persona. You look beautiful, walk with pride, chin up, back straight, sashay a little bit, smile or give him a seductive wink. You would be surprised at how confident these minor tricks will make you feel. And once your partner sees you looking amazing and feeling confident and beautiful, the look on their face will make it all worth it.

You are beautiful, now find that confidence and strut your stuff.

In every aspect of your life, do things with confidence and happiness and let your inner beauty shine.

No matter what we think about ourselves, there are people in this world that don’t see our flaws, they only see our beauty and that is a wonderful thing.