Honeymoon Lingerie – Make the Most of Your Special Trip

LingerieSuperStoreS Honeymoon Lingerie Blog A special time like this doesn’t come around very often. Make the most of your honeymoon and wear lingerie the whole time! With all the new styles of lingerie, there is something sexy for you to wear with everything. Honeymoon Lingerie can really set the mood and the sensual possibilities are endless.

Traditionally, brides wore white gowns on their wedding day and long white night gowns on their wedding night and grooms wore tuxedos to the wedding and never even thought about what to wear that night. Well, that is not the case anymore. These days, the proper Wedding Day and Honeymoon attire is whatever you want to wear. Even if you choose to wear white, you don’t have to settle for traditional anymore.

Wedding Night Lingerie

LingerieSuperStoreS Honeymoon Lingerie Blog You may not think about it, but your wedding night begins at your reception. We always spend a lot of time picking out the perfect outfit to wear to our reception but we don’t spend any time at all on what to wear underneath. If you wear some super sexy lingerie under your reception outfit and give your new spouse a sneak peek just before the party, you may just have the shortest reception ever! Lol

After your reception, you will have yet another chance to light your lovers fire. Once you get back to your hotel room, all rules go out the window. You can wear whatever you want. If you are feeling sweet and sexy, try a cute little Babydoll in your favorite color.  If you are feeling a little naughtier and a bit daring, try a black lace & faux leather full caged back chemise.

Honeymoon Lingerie

LingerieSuperStoreS Honeymoon Lingerie Blog A trip as special and romantic as your honeymoon does not come around every day. Remember this when you are packing your bags and make the most of this special time. Make sure you remember to pack something sexy to wear with every outfit. If you are going somewhere warm, you can wear your swimsuit most of the time, but when you go out, you will need something sexy to wear.

If you are going out to dinner, slip on a matching bra and garter belt under your dress. You will feel so sensual and sexy that you will look radiant and your new spouse will be quivering with desire.  You don’t have to hide your lingerie under your clothes either. It’s your honeymoon after all, go for it and wear a sexy bustier and a pair of jeans for an afternoon of sight-seeing or a black velvet burnout teddy with a pair of short shorts.

You may not be the type who wants to wear a bustier and be showy with her lingerie and that’s fine.  There are thigh highs and pantyhose to match every outfit, you can wear a black lacey body stocking and only you and your lover will know how far up it goes. Mystery is very sexy and knowing that you are wearing something like that heightens the excitement factor for both of you.

LingerieSuperStoreS Honeymoon Lingerie Blog A pair of sexy panties is the ultimate go-to lingerie piece. Panties go with everything and there are so many styles and options to choose from, there is something for everyone. Panties can be innocently sexy like a pair of white cotton panties with a little bow, they can be sensual and sexy like a pair of open back tanga’s with lace and satin trim, and they can be anything in between. No matter what your taste, you can find the perfect panties for you.

You Honeymoon is a very special time of your life. Lingerie is an easy way to let your new spouse know how much you love and desire them. Make sure your trip is a memorable one and tempt your new lover with something sexy every day. You both will remember it for the rest of your life.