A Romantic Get Away with Your Honey

This past weekend I found myself in Oceanside, California with some family members and loved every minute of it. I couldn’t help but think of all the things I could do with my boyfriend if he were there. So I am now planning a romantic weekend get away at the beach with him.

I want to be at my sexiest when we go, all lingerie, all the time.

Romantic Looks For the Beach

Surprisingly the weather there is beautiful enough to go for a swim year round so the first thing in my suitcase is my sexiest swimming suit and cover up. When buying this season’s swimming suit, think about where you will be wearing it, for how long and if it is going to cover all the right places and be comfortable. If you are going to be at a public beach where there will be families and small children, please make sure you are covered an appropriate amouLSS Romantic Get Away Blognt. A thong bikini or a barely there top should be saved for a more secluded spot or spring break.

I am planning on wearing my swim suit for most of the weekend so I want mine to be comfortable. I found the cutest bikini with a built in push up top that is both comfortable and functional if I end up going somewhere while still in my beach attire.

Many hotels along the beach require you to wear a cover up while in the lobby or passing through the lobby. It is a courtesy to the other guests around you and is generally enforced pretty often. A cute sarong or a loose pull over dress will do the trick and  you will look adorable for your man on your romantic escape.

You will need Flip Flops for the walk to the beach. Just a cheap light weight pair will do the trick. Shoes or sandals are also required in hotel lobbies and hallways so pack a pair or two. I always bring a back up pair because I lose my flip flops constantly.

Romantic Looks Out On the Town

When we go ouLSS Romantic Get Away Blogt, I want to look my best to keep all of his attention since it is a romantic weekend. So some cute summer dresses with my cutest bra and panty set are a must for walking around during the day.

At night when the nightlife is kicking off I want to wear something a little more sexy and a little more tempting. Don’t forget to wear something hot under your sexy dress. A lacey panty or thong with a matching bra are always a great option. If you are feeling a little more adventurous, a teddy can be both comfortable and sexy and you won’t have to change into something else when you get back to your hotel.

Don’t forget a sexy, fun pair of shoes to match your spectacular look. Heels can sometimes get uncomfortable so throw your flip flops in your bag just in case.

Romantic Looks in the Hotel Room

Sometimes after a full day of amazing looks, naked will be your first choice for a bedroom style but, you have been making it a point to look good all day, keep it up in the bedroom. Don’t bring your favorite go-to piece of lingerie, get something new. Something you have never worn before. If you always wear babydolls, try a teddy or if that is too different, try a chemise. He will remember the weekend that much more if something new is introduced in the bedroom.

Don’t bring your entire arsenal of toys and lubes but bring your favorite toy and your favorite lube and make the night one to remember.

Tips and Tricks for a Healthy and Fun Romantic Get Away

Always shower after you are done at the beach, especially if you are planning on having sex later on. Don’t forget to wash all of your toys before and after each use. And clean yourself after every sexual interaction. Your body will love you for it.

Have a fun summer and hope to see you at the beach!