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Lingerie Fantasy – His Top 4 Lingerie Fantasies

We all want to be sexy for our men and we want to fulfill their fantasies and desires. But all too often we assume that their fantasies are going to be wild so we don’t even ask them. Well, when it comes right down to it, men’s fantasies are a lot tamer than we think.

When we think of men’s fantasies we think of threesomes or wild sexual positions that defy nature. In actuality, they just want us. A lot of the most popular fantasies men have involve lingerie and not much more.

Lingerie Fantasy #4 –  Wear Sexy Lingerie While Hanging Out at Home

LingerieSuperStoreS Lingerie Fantasy blogIt may be hard to believe, but men’s fantasies can be quite mundane and completely doable. One of the easiest fantasies to fulfill is to wear some super sexy lingerie while you are just hanging around the house together. You will be surprised to find out how excited he will get while you are watching TV, playing a game, or even just doing a crossword puzzle.

There are plenty of styles of lingerie that are comfortable enough to wear around the house all day, and are still sexy enough to not only light his fire, but leave him absolutely smoldering for you all day! You can wear a matching lace cami and booty-short set, they feel like you are wearing shorts and a tank top but they drive your man wild with desire!

Lingerie Fantasy #3 – Wear Sexy Lingerie to Bed

LingerieSuperStores Lingerie Fantasy BlogThe next fantasy on our list is one of the easiest to fulfill but most women don’t do it. Wear Sexy lingerie to bed!! Your man wants you, but when you are lying in bed next to him at night wearing a flannel nightgown, it takes away a little of the excitement. But when you wear sexy lingerie to bed, it has the opposite effect.

When you are lying there wearing a cute little Babydoll or a long sexy red nightgown, your man will not be able to stop himself from fantasizing about you. All you have to do is sleep and you are fulfilling one of his innermost desires. It couldn’t be easier!

Lingerie Fantasy #2 – Wear Sexy Lingerie to Clean the House

LingerieSuperStoreS Lingerie Fantasy blogFantasy #2 on our list may sound a bit cliché but that doesn’t make it any less true. Men all over the world fantasize about a sexy woman cleaning their house in some skimpy lingerie. You already have the first part down because, if he is your man, he already thinks that you are sexy. Now all you need is some sensual lingerie.

When you are fulfilling this fantasy, comfort is not as important as some other fantasies. For this “chore” you can choose any style of lingerie you like. You can go with something cute and sweet like a pink lace set, or you can go the other way and get something naughty, daring, and uber revealing like a sexy black bra and garter belt. No matter what you wear, you are going to really “clean up” in the romance department.

Lingerie Fantasy #1 – Wear Matching Bras and Panties

LingerieSuperStoreS Lingerie Fantasy BlogOur number one lingerie fantasy may surprise you a little bit. It is wearing matching bras and panties!! I know it sounds too normal and every day, and I don’t know why, but men love it when we wear matching bras and panties. Doing this may sound difficult and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be either one.

When you are wearing a matching set, “matching” doesn’t have to mean that they were made to go together. Your man is not going to be examining the lace to make sure the patterns match and he is not going to get out his color wheel to make sure that the colors are identical either. All he really wants to know that they are similar colors and that you made the effort to look good for him.

Fulfilling your man’s fantasies may be easier than you ever expected. All it takes is a tiny bit of effort and some fabulous lingerie. We can make it easier for you too: You supply the effort, and we will provide the lingerie!! Stop by the store today and treat you and your lover to something new. Or shop the website anytime!! Have Fun!