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Don’t Forget Sexy Men’s Wear In The Bedroom

When you are out lingerie shopping, you generally don’t think, “Hey, I should get something for my guy to wear too.” Men’s wear isn’t carried at most lingerie stores either. Sometimes men want to dress sexy for their partner just as much as you want to for him.

Men’s Role Play

So what do men want to wear in the bedroom? Some guys are into role play or themed dress up such as sexy handyman or hot baseball player. Role playing outfits for men are usually best put together at home, like for handyman/construction worker, grab a tool belt, a hard hat and some sexy shorts and show up to do some “home repairs” for your partner.

If your guy is willing to go the whole 9 yards, we have some sexy men’s costumes to choose from that will take your role playing to a whole new level. You can do Robin Hood and Maid Marian or a Paratrooper and his Girl. There are many options that will lead to a fun, sexy night.

Men’s Sexy Underwear

LingerieSuperStoreS Mens Wear Blog If your guy is like mine and isn’t into role playing but is happy to wear something sexy in the bedroom for you, there are so many different looks to choose from. Make sure to find out what your guy will be comfortable wearing for you. Some men won’t want to wear a thong or a jockstrap and some really won’t mind. Also when shopping for men’s wear remember that like women’s lingerie, the sizes are going to run on the smaller size.

Not every man is going to be comfortable wearing a thong but they are built for comfort. They have a pouch that is large enough to comfortably fit his body and honestly, if the thong is the right size, they won’t even notice the thong strap. Same thing for jock straps, if they are the right size, the straps won’t cut into their thighs/butt.

Even a pair of boxers or boxer briefs can look sexy. You just need to shop a little and find something you want to see him in and something that he will be comfortable wearing.

Men’s Edgier Looks

Some men are perfectly happy wearing whatever you want them to in the bedroom. If you are wanting him to wear something a little bit edgier, maybe something that snaps open or has a cut out butt, you are going to have to look a little harder to find the perfect thing but once you find it, you will love it! The piece I picked out for my guy is definitely on the edgier side and I could not be happier when he wears it.

I know it isn’t something we think about every day but men’s wear always looks sexy in and out of the bedroom. I had never bought something for my guy to wear in the bedroom until recently, and now I love it. I am always begging him to wear it for me, he just looks so good in it. Give it a shot, you will be surprised at how much you like seeing your man in some sexy shorts. And he will be surprised at how sexy he feels in them.

Everyone should feel sexy in the bedroom, including your man. Don’t forget to compliment him on how he looks when he wears it and let him know you appreciate him wearing something sexy for you.