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Summer Swimwear Guide – Your Guide to Summer’s Hottest Looks

With the weather warming up, it’s time to start thinking about your Summer wardrobe, and that means Swimwear! Our Swimwear Guide will give you some good ideas to get started. I know a lot of people dread buying a new swimming-suit but not me. I love to shop for everything, and swimwear is no exception.

There are so many great suits out there, there is always something that will make you look fabulous! Reading about all the different styles of swimwear can be confusing, but our Summer Swimwear Guide makes it easy to understand. It comes down to two basic categories of suit, the one-piece and the two-piece.

One-Piece Suits

LingerieSuperStoreS Summer Swimwear Guide BlogSummer Swimwear comes in all shapes and sizes. The one-piece swimming suit has been around for as long as we can remember, but it is not your mother’s suit anymore! (Unless you have a really cool mom. And in that case, Bravo Mom!) The one piece can be modest and conservative, or it can just as easily be revealing and sexy! The decision is up to you how much you want to show off.

This one-piece suit comes in many styles, one of the most popular is the monokini. The monokini is a suit that has two parts that are joined in the middle somehow. They usually do not have a back and have half-moon shaped cutouts on either side of the torso, revealing the back and waist.

The monokini can be very sophisticated. A sleek black, belted monokini that reveals very little stomach and only your upper back is very classy and sexy. It says I am gorgeous and I know it! The side-cut out monokini is also just slightly revealing, which gives it an air of class and sophistication. you can’t go wrong with a monokini, the right amount of skin and sex appeal is always considered smart and sophisticated.

The monokini can also be very edgy and revealing. The micro-monokini is a suit that leaves very little to the imagination. It is much like a string bikini only the two parts are joined together by some very small piece of fabric. It is extremely sensual and daring and will definitely turn heads wherever you go.

The Racerback is another sexy choice for a one-piece suit. The Racerback is a classic suit that provides full coverage on the front but can get quite creative on the back. The back of a racerback usually comes together in the middle but can have any number of straps.

The classic racerback suit has two large straps that come together in the middle. Today’s more modern looks, on the other hand, have several skinny straps meeting in the middle, creating that caged look that everyone loves. The racerback suit’s back is designed to lift and enhance your chest, which is always a good idea!

Two-Piece Suits

LingerieSuperStoreS Summer Swimwear Guide BlogThe two-piece suit, or the bikini, has been around since the 1940’s and continues to be a favorite for summer swimwear. The classic bikini, simply put, is a swimming suit that has two separate pieces. The first bikinis were all very similar but today the selection of two-piece suits is virtually limitless.

The classic bikini was sold as a unit, the top and the bottom were a set and were only sold as such, which meant that you were stuck with buying someone else’s idea of the perfect suit. One of the most popular trends in swimwear today is the mix and match bikini. You get to choose which top to match with which bottoms. You can even have multiple tops for each bottom or vice versa in order to match your activity level and/or mood.

There are several styles of bikinis to choose from. The string bikini is one of the most popular and the most revealing, and usually covers very little. It has small pieces of fabric attached with small strips (or “strings”) which come together on the sides.

For the more modest ladies, there are bikinis that are very sexy without being too revealing.  The sporty bikini is modest and still incredibly sexy. The sporty style two-piece is a suit that includes a top much like a sports bra, it provides extra support and lift with a racerback style back design. The full coverage bottoms may not reveal much skin, but they are smoking hot just the same.

Two-piece suits do not have to be uber revealing to be sexy. Some of the summers sexiest trends do not have to do with how much skin is showing but how you show it. Sequins are always a sexy way to show off your summer tan, you don’t have to bare much skin when you are all sparkly, you will certainly get their attention!  Scalloped edges are another very sexy way to get attention without being revealing, they add a flair of drama and seduction to your suit and make you look more feminine.

The summer is a time for letting your hair down and having fun. Your choice of swimwear can make all the difference. If you buy something that makes you feel fabulous, you will have a great summer. No matter what style of suit you choose to wear this summer, be confident, have fun, and rock it with style!