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Bridal Season is Just Around the Corner!

Often the last thing you think about when planning your wedding is what you are going to wear underneath your beautiful wedding dress. Unfortunately bridal lingerie is harder to come by so you need to shop early for it so you can order what you need.

Bridal Lingerie Under Your Dress

As soon as you have chosen and put a deposit on your dress, head over to the Lingerie Superstores to select your bridal lingerie. Often bridal lingerie can take 2-3 weeks to receive in store, so please do not wait until the last minute. If you come in looking for something with only a few days left until your wedding, you will have a very limited selection to choose from and may not be able to find the right piece that fits perfectly.

Whether you are looking for a body shaper, a corset, or a bustier, we are here to help you find the perfect undergarments to accent your beautiful dress. If possible, snap a picture of you in your dress so we can find something that will be invisible. With the perfect cut and shape every piece of lingerie can be hidden under your wedding dress.

We carry a very limited selection of bridal lingerie in store, so once we know your sizes, we can help you look through our bridal catalogs to find the perfect piece to wear under your dress.

Bridal Lingerie for Your Honeymoon

After your wedding, you are probably going to be too tired to do anything except get your dress and lingerie off and head to bed. Save the fun and sexy lingerie for your honeymoon or the second night of married life.

The first rule of buying bridal lingerie is; pick something that makes you feel sexy but make sure you are comfortable. A loose babydoll or a sexy fitted chemise are always great choices. Sexy 2 Piece Sets are also a very comfortable and sexy selection to wear for your new spouse.

The second rule of buying bridal lingerie is; it doesn’t have to be white. Wear your spouse’s favorite color or the color you love that looks the best on you.

The third rule? Have fun! Relax and enjoy your first real night as a married man or woman!

Remember, don’t wait until the last minute to find your bridal lingerie. And for the night after? Have fun, look sexy, be comfortable!