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Product Review: Screaming O Vibrating C Rings and More

Product: Screaming O Vibrating C-Rings and more!

Price: Varies

Product Summary:

Screaming O makes all different kinds of vibrating and stimulating toys for him and her to indulge in! Whoever said sex is one way, clearly hasn’t tried any of the Screaming O products! There are so many to choose from, so I am just going to list a few that we have sold in the store.

Starting with the Double Whammy vibrating C-ring. This super powered C-ring gives sensation to him and her while giving a firmer and fuller erection. This stretchy silicone ring also helps control premature ejaculation for up to 60 mins. Now, the Bong O, is also super powered and has pleasure for him and her. This item has a removable bullet with an easy on and off switch. Has enticing clit teasers and pleasure balls.

The Screaming O Big O-2 has a fun flashing L.E.D light that flashes with the pulse you choose. The C-ring is made of stretchy silicone to fit any and every size. And once again, pleasure for him AND her! The Big O-Glow has a steady glow or bright flashing light that brings the party to your bedroom! Definitely make this Vibrating C-Ring one of your party supplies you pick up. Has a snug, stretchy ring that makes for a comfortable fit for him and pleasure ticklers for her.

The Bang O Vibrating Pleasure Ring has 3 gold swinging balls that give the banging sensation we all secretly love, along with a vertical head for assured contact with her. There are Pleasure knobs for him, and don’t forget its water-proof and wireless, which means you can use it anywhere at the drop of a dime!

These next two are fun and unique, I have never seen anything like these before I got introduced to Screaming O. First, the Color Pop Fingo-O, this compact silicone toy is a great way to literally have the power at your fingertips, or his. You slip it right over your finger and lead the way. It is great for direct stimulation and has 3 speeds! Enjoy this toy for 45 minutes of intense vibrations. Good news, the battery is replaceable. Last but certainly not least, the Ling O- Tongue Ring is a vibrating tongue ring you slip on over your tongue. Stretches to fit all tongues comfortably. Enjoy these pleasure bumps and enhanced pleasure for 40 mins, then toss it in the trash and move on to the next Screaming O item.

Staff Opinion:

I love all these ideas and products! A lot of men might think it is a little “too much” for them, until they try it! These are an easy and discreet way to enhance your night with your lover or by yourself with a toy.