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Summer Lingerie – Refresh Your Wardrobe

Every season when the weather changes, we get so excited about our new possible wardrobes. We go shopping and buy all new pants and shirts, shoes and jewelry. We even invest in new nail polish and make-up colors to go with all our new outfits. But when do we ever refresh our lingerie wardrobe? I do it every season and I love it! It is way more fun than buying new pants!

I love to shop like all women do, but there is something about lingerie shopping that makes me extra happy. Nothing makes me feel sexier and more confident than fabulous lingerie and trying it all on is so much fun! I like to make it a girls’ day out; all my friends and I take the whole day for shopping and lunch! When it comes to your lingerie wardrobe, there are three categories to consider: whites, bright colors, and dark colors.

White –

Summer Lingerie wardrobe lingeriesuperstores blogWhen you think of white lingerie, you may think it’s only for brides or wedding nights. Well, white lingerie is for every day and every one. White is a color that matches with everything. You can wear it under almost any color and it will look incredible. Wearing white makes you feel bright and clean, it gives you a sense of freshness and renewal.

For this summer’s lingerie wardrobe, try a fresh lace nightgown for sleeping or a slinky white BabyDoll for cleaning or hanging out around the house. There is nothing I like more than feeling new! And don’t forget, white also looks super sexy with your summer tan!

Bright Colors –

Summer Lingerie wardrobe lingeriesuperstores blogWhen it comes to a summer lingerie wardrobe, bright colors are essential. There are so many colors and neon’s that look great in the sun why not have them all. My favorite colors for summer are bright pink, turquoise, and orange. They all look incredible in the sun.

Bright colored lingerie is extremely sexy. Some people shy away from bright colors when it comes to lingerie, but if you wear it for romance, it screams confidence and let’s your partner know you are feeling sexy and powerful!

Your summer wardrobe is no doubt a little more revealing than other seasons. If you wear your brights under your summer clothes they are bound to peek out now and then, and nothing is sexier than a tiny glimpse of your intimate apparel. It will keep them thinking about you all day!

Dark Colors –

Summer Lingerie Lingeriesuperstores blog You may be thinking that dark colors are no good for summer, but they really are. Dark colors look gorgeous all year. Black and red lingerie are timeless classics and turn heads no matter what time of year it is. But summer offers you a chance to wear some other dark colors. A beautiful Chemise in a dark purple is a great choice for a summer getaway or a night at home. Purple is a passionate color that says you’re feeling frisky and fun.

There are so many beautiful dark colors to choose from when it comes to your summer lingerie wardrobe. I love to wear a sexy blue corset under a white sleeveless button up with a great pair of short shorts! It is a look that never fails to turn heads no matter where I go!

Your choices of color in lingerie are limitless these days. Whatever color is your or your partner’s favorite, there is something sexy out there for you. Whether it is white, red or a bright color, wear something fabulous under your clothes this summer! And remember, no matter what you decide to include in your summer lingerie wardrobe, make it fun and fresh.