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Lingerie – It’s Not Just for Romance Anymore

Everyone knows that when it comes to romance, you can’t go wrong with lingerie. And everyone has a drawer full of it that they never wear! But with the huge selection of lingerie available these days, you can wear it anytime! So come on ladies and break out that lingerie. It will give you an instant boost of self-confidence to know you are wearing something fabulous under your clothes.

Lingerie is Great for Sleeping –

Lingerie Not just for Romance Blog Lingerie Superstores LingeriesuperstoresFor most of us, our first memory of pajamas was a wooley one-piece unit with our favorite cartoon character on the front and little feet attached. Those adorable PJ’s were so cute, and we loved them, but they were also hot and uncomfortable to sleep in. After the footy pajamas, we graduated to nightgowns, which again were very cute, but they were not the best for sleeping in. I can’t tell you how many times I have woken up in the middle of the night with my nightgown wrapped around my neck. Now that we’re older, we have more choices to sleep in, but they still have the same problems with being hot and uncomfortable.

If you think your only options are uncomfortable pajamas or nothing at all, there is another alternative you may not have thought of – Lingerie. It is perfect for sleeping. Besides it being absolutely gorgeous and making you actually want to wake up so you can feel fabulous, sleeping in lingerie is extremely comfortable. It is not hot and fits your body so it doesn’t get you all tangled up. A cute loose-fit Teddy or a matching cami and boyshort set are both perfect for sleeping!

Lingerie is Great for Anytime –

When we think of lingerie we tend to think of extremely revealing or all lace items that could never be worn outside Lingerie Not just for Romance Blog Lingerie Superstores Lingeriesuperstoresof the bedroom. These days there are so many choices of lingerie, there is something you can wear with everything. There is even some lingerie that you can wear on top of your clothes. We think so much about our outfits and how we look on the outside but spend very little time on our undergarments. Think about what you are wearing right now…Chances are you are wearing something fabulous, but what are you wearing underneath – I bet it is not equally as fabulous! (If it is, Bravo for youJ)

When you wear something special under your outfit, you can’t help but feel a little better about everything. When you are wearing lingerie you tend to walk a little taller and hold your head a little higher. Wearing something like an incredible garter belt or a teddy under your business suit will make you feel more powerful instantly. Just knowing that you have it on will give you an extra boost of confidence that everyone will notice, even if you are the only one who knows you are wearing it.

No time is a bad time for wearing lingerie. If you are heading out for happy hour, slip a corset on over your blouse and throw your jacket on over that. You will feel instantly sexy and you will turn the head of every person in the place. Wearing lingerie is not just about feeling sexy either, sometimes the best person to dress up for is You! No matter where or why you wear your lingerie just remember to have fun and Feel Beautiful.