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Add Some Spice – Dress Up For Them Tonight

When you have been with your partner for a while, things sometimes get a little stale in the bedroom. A great way to spice up the regular routine is Dressing Up.

Whether you choose to dress up in a costume for role-play or in some sexy lingerie, Dressing Up will light new fires in the bedroom.

Dressing Up for Role-Play –

If you want to try role-playing, always consult your partner first. Make sure they are going to be comfortable with the idea. If they are up for it, let your partner know the theme you are going for. A popular role-play theme is the sexy schoolgirl, ask him or her to dress as a teacher or another student and have a sexy fun night in the bedroom.
You can either buy a ready to wear costume or create your own look. Just don’t forget the accessories and shoes!

Dressing Up in Lingerie –

If your partner isn’t into role-playing then dressing up in some sexy lingerie should be your next choice. There is a whole huge world of lingerie to choose from.

Babydolls are nice and flowy, great for moving around comfortably. A chemise is more fitted and sometimes has garters so you can pair it with some sexy thigh highs for a look that will blow your partner’s mind. A simple bodystocking is fun if your partner likes to tear your clothes off, they are also relatively inexpensive so it is not a huge waste of money if he does.

I am the type that likes to build my own sexy outfit based on what my partner likes. A look that is always a favorite in my bedroom is a long-sleeve bodystocking over a simple thong, add a waist-cincher and sexy boots and the outfit is complete. The reaction I get when I dress up in this outfit is beyond compare. Just the way he looks at me, he makes me feel like I am the most important, beautiful person to ever exist.

No matter what you choose when Dressing Up for your partner, always remember to be comfortable. If you are wearing something that is painful to wear or that you hate, don’t wear it. You will get no enjoyment from the dressing up experience if you aren’t happy.