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Romantic Ideas for Lovers on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers. It is a day for sharing with your partner what it is that makes you love them. Valentine’s Day is about making your lover feel special, like they are the only person in the whole world that matters! Most importantly, Valentine’s Day is a day for Romance and Romantic Ideas. There are countless ways to be romantic besides roses and going out to dinner. Being romantic means different things to everyone. Some people like to share their feelings, some like to share intimate activities and settings and still others feel romantic when they are doing something exciting or adventurous. There is a unique and romantic idea out there for you no matter what gets you in the mood.

Romantic Ideas for Lovers –

This Valentine’s Day don’t take the traditional route. You can do dinner and a movie anytime, but Valentine’s Day is meant for fun and romance. Since Valentine’s Day falls on the weekend this year that means you get to spend the entire day enjoying each other, don’t waste a moment!! There are so many romantic things you can do – the ideas are endless! One amazing thing you can do together that will make you both feel good is to volunteer in your community! You can volunteer to do anything from working in an animal shelter to cleaning up your local park! Working together to help other people can really make you feel closer to each other – It’s the perfect way to start a romantic Valentine’s Day!

If you are planning to stay in on Valentine’s Day this year, you can be as romantic as you want. One of my favorite ideas is to put on your favorite lingerie and spend the entire day in bed with your lover!! You can grab some pastries from the bakery the day before for breakfast and order in for dinner. Then you can spend the whole day snuggling, talking, and “other stuff”! There are so many great ideas for a romantic Valentine’s Day at home. If staying in bed all day is not for you, that’s okay, there are lots of other ideas. You can have a fabulous picnic right in your living room! You can pick up a pre-made picnic from your gourmet grocer or if you like to cook, you could make dinner together as a couple!! The menu possibilities are literally limitless! If you still want to get dressed up and go out but the idea of cooking together sounds good too, go out to an early dinner and come home and make dessert together! Wearing your sexy lingerie while you make dessert can lead to something pretty “Sweet”!

Romantic Ideas for Outdoor Lovers –

The traditional Valentine’s Day includes going out to dinner and maybe a movie or something, but you don’t have to be like everybody else. If spending the day in the great outdoors with your lover is your idea of romance, there are plenty of ideas to get you outside. Since Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year you have the whole day to do spend outdoors with your lover. If you have a lot of energy, pack a light brunch and surprise your lover with a beautiful morning hike. You can hike to a secluded spot and have a romantic picnic brunch. Afterwards as you lie on the blanket watching the clouds go by and whispering sweet nothings in each others ears, you can hint at what you have planned to do and wear for the night;)! It will be a day you will never forget. Hiking is not the only activity you two can do together outside. If you live near the mountains, you can go rock climbing. If you live near the beach, go down to the Boardwalk and rent a couple of bicycles. You can ride up and down the Boardwalk visiting shops and cafes, and spend the whole day together having fun like a tourist in your own town all the while remembering why you fell in love in the first place!

Now if you are a little more adventurous than a hike or a bike ride, there are countless romantic ideas for you. If you like speed, you can head down to the race track and take driving lessons or visit your local go-cart track and have a blast racing each other around!! Don’t forget to wear some sexy lingerie under your clothes and “accidentally” give them a peek before you get into your car. It will drive them absolutely wild with anticipation!! Now if you are feeling adventurous but are looking for something a little slower, an early morning Hot Air Balloon ride will melt their heart. You will float above your city sipping Champagne and holding each other in your arms! Now that’s what I call Romance!!