Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Everyone

This Valentine’s Day don’t settle for giving the same old gifts you give every year. Flowers and assorted chocolates may be nice, but they have been done to death! Another bottle of the perfume or cologne they wear every day does not spell ROMANCE. This year no matter who you are buying for, think outside the box. Take some time to really think about the person you are buying the gift for and specifically tailor it to their tastes, likes, and interests.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas –

No matter what their gender, everyone loves a great gift. Valentine’s gifts don’t have to be sexy to be romantic. A personal, thoughtful gift that says “I was thinking about you” can sometimes go a lot further towards a night of steamy, unbridled passion!! Here are some ideas for the special someone in your life. For the coffee lover, get them a fabulous new French press and some great coffee cups. That way every day when they wake up and make their coffee, they can’t help but think of you (and maybe Valentine’s night too 😉 ). For the Foodie in your life, there are so many fabulous ideas. You can subscribe them to the Wine or Chocolate of the Month Club so every month they receive another incredible offering.

Do you know someone who works too hard or is stressed all the time? A customized spa package may be exactly what they are dreaming of. If you decide to go with a spa service as a gift, try something different. A couples mani-pedi may be the perfect thing to create a sense of togetherness and romance. If you’re looking for something really special, try a romantic staycation. Everyone knows how “hot” a vacation can be. You may not be able to afford to go to your dream destination like Paris or Rome, but when you stay in your home town, you can afford to splurge on an extravagant room in the best hotel. You can surprise them even more and set the mood by having matching lingerie and silk robes waiting in the room for you when you arrive.

If you are looking for some naughty gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, you have a lot of choices. You can get a sexy board game or card deck like the Sexy Seductions Card Deck – Hot Scenarios for Unforgettable Sex. You can get romantic ideas from the Get Lucky Dice or the 52 Weeks of Romance Scratch and Reveal sexy idea cards. You can try something new and get bedroom toys like edible body paints and furry handcuffs. And for the ultimate in naughty gifts, try sexy role playing costumes!

Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Women –

For the special woman in your life, give her something she unpredictable. Something fabulous that says how much you love the woman she is and want to celebrate her every day. If you are planning to go out for Valentine’s Day buy her an incredible, sexy dress that makes her feel like a goddess every time she puts it on. Get her a pair of gorgeous new shoes to show off her amazing legs. A sexy pair of 6-inch heels can be the perfect outfit for a romantic night at home. For the woman in your life who loves jewelry, you can think outside the box and still win her heart. Instead of buying her a necklace or earrings that will make her think of you whenever she wears them. Get her a beautiful jewelry box to hold all her jewelry and then no matter what piece she wears, she will think of you whenever she puts it on and when she takes it off. So it is a win-win situation for you, she will be thinking about you morning and night. A sensual piece of lingerie is always a terrific gift for Valentine’s Day. If you want to do something a little different this year that will having her gushing to her friends for months, wrap up some sexy lingerie from the Lingerie SuperStoreS in an incredible new handbag from her favorite designer.

Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Men –

Men love being pampered and spoiled just as much as ladies do. This Valentine’s Day, show your man how much you love him with a gift you picked out especially for him. We have some very sexy menswear at the Lingerie SuperStores to get you both in the mood for love. Sometimes a cozy night at home and some sexy lingerie is all you need for a night of pure passion! If the man in your life likes jewelry, instead of getting him a bracelet or necklace, try getting him a new watch. If he already has a lot of watches, they have some really nice watch cases he can use to store and show them all off. If your man doesn’t do jewelry but is into tech gadgets, try getting him the latest TV streaming device or a voice activated universal remote control.

Now this last men’s gift idea may seem crazy to you at first but just bear with me. If your man is a gamer, get him the latest version of his favorite game! I told you it was going to sound crazy but let me explain. Video games do not have to played alone. When you give your man his game, he is going to get all excited and want to play so you tell him to go ahead. Then while he is unwrapping the game and popping it in the machine, you go in the other room and pop into your favorite piece of lingerie from the Lingerie SuperStoreS. When you come back in the room, get his attention and ask if he wants you to “play with him”!!

There are more gift ideas for Valentine’s Day than we could list. No matter what you give your loved one this year, make sure it comes from the heart. You don’t have to do anything extravagant to win someone’s heart and soul. If you just be yourself and love them for who they are, you can’t lose!