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Best New Year’s Resolution You Should Make

Every year starts with good intentions. You make a list of resolutions that you expect to keep all year. Lose weight, save money, go some place fabulous. Some are easier to keep than others.

I am finally in a place where I have accepted myself and learned to love myself. In doing so, my entire life changed. After all of my changes last year, I sent 2015 out with a bang. My resolution this year? Stay happy.

An easy resolution to keep you would think but just in case, I always keep the following mini resolutions in mind and stick to them:

Mini Resolution #1

Accept yourself. You are perfect.

It is easier to pick out what you don’t like about yourself than what you do like. You should start out everyday by looking in the mirror and giving yourself a compliment.

When a stranger or a friend compliments you, you need to accept the compliment. They aren’t lying to you. You are beautiful. You do look amazing in that outfit.

Your flaws are what make you unique. Accept that your flaws are your own and quit trying to get rid of them. If you are too busy trying to rid yourself of flaws you are going to miss life and all of the fun things going on around you.

No matter how ugly you are feeling: You aren’t ugly. You aren’t fat. People are beautiful. You are beautiful. Even if the only compliment you get in a day is the one you give yourself. It is the only one that matters. Love yourself.

Mini Resolution #2

Treat Yourself. You deserve it.

I am always too busy buying things for other people, my kids, friends, significant other, etc to really remember myself. But since I work at a lingerie store,  I try to buy myself something that makes me feel sexy or something I can use with my S.O.

Once a month I will buy a sexy piece of lingerie to wear in the bedroom for my guy. I feel beautiful in it and he loves looking at me in it which makes me feel even better.

I love wearing cute hosiery to work so once every couple of weeks I will buy a new pair to rock.

Have you ever seen something in a store that you just loved but didn’t buy for yourself because you would feel guilty or remorseful about getting it? I have. I have also said I will just wait until my next paycheck and then I go back and it is gone. I hate those feelings. If you have the money and it is something you really want. Treat yourself.

Mini Resolution #3

Take care of yourself mentally, emotionally and physically.

This is a big one. You have to be healthy in all aspects of your life, but don’t just focus on one area. You need to pay attention to all areas.

Caring for yourself mentally and emotionally go hand in hand. I have found that even though I start everyday grumbling my way out of bed to go to work, having an upbeat attitude all day makes the day go faster and feel more productive.

I have gotten rid of the toxic people in my life; the users and abusers and I have never been happier. People I thought were my best friends were talking negatively behind my back all the time. And even though I knew about it, I kept them around. I was always in a bad mood because I knew what was going on. My circle of close friends has diminished dramatically but the people I do have keep a smile on my face and on a bad day, they take the time to remind me of why I chose them as my friends.

I had been single for nearly 3 years, and at the beginning I was unhappy and wanted to be with someone, even mentally holding on to my most toxic of exes so I wouldn’t feel single. I have always heard you need to be happy being alone to find true happiness with a partner so I let go of him completely and focused on myself.

I finally found that happiness and self acceptance with being single. I started trying to date. I didn’t jump into anything, I waited until I finally met someone with the same outlook. In December I found someone. He is always upbeat, even when everything falls apart. He likes everything about me and never has anything bad to say. I have never been happier being with someone because I don’t NEED a relationship, I chose it.

These huge changes seemed small at the time, but even I can see now how much happier I am. It feels good when my kids tell me they are glad I am finally happy with myself.

Taking care of yourself physically is always a New Years Resolution for me, but instead of dieting and focusing on how much weight I can lose, I have decided to just stay healthy. Even though I am plus sized, I don’t have diabetes or heart disease or high blood pressure. I am physically healthy so I am just going to focus on keeping my regular exercise routine and my comfortable, mostly healthy diet.

Fun Fact! I have actually lost 12 pounds in the last 10 days and I have no idea as to how I have done it since I haven’t changed my exercise and eating routines. But it is working so I am not going to change a thing. 🙂

Finding real happiness has been a journey my whole life. But I have finally found it. By accepting yourself, the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, you will be on the road to happiness. Make mini resolutions that push you towards that goal for real happiness. Don’t get down on yourself for not keeping the big resolutions, its the little ones that pave the way to your ultimate goal.